Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Infographic: List Of Highest Paying keywords Online

This has always been the question on many online publishers minds. Google makes 97% of its revenue from online Ads and there are keywords that pay up to $55 per click. Also know as CPC rates ( Cost per click) some categories are really high with advertisers willing to pay hugh amounts to make sure they appear in results and searches and their Ads get clicked. The program that runs these ads on Google is know as Adwords. 

You may be wondering why are advertisers willing to pay so much to get their ads seen. For one the competition is that fierce and on the other hand the rewards are also great. All-in-all this is great business. The study that turned up these findings was conducted by WorldStream.com an online advertising company that wanted to dig deeper into the question of where is Google making it's money. The top 5 keywords happen to be Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney and Lawyer. You can read more about this study and findings by clicking here

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