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Facebook Wall Settings Explained

This is a guide on how to adjust your Facebook wall settings. 

For those of you who are not too familiar News Feed and Wall Settings are completely different. News Feed is the page you find when you login to Facebook. This is the place where all your friends stories and activities are posted. You find all their comments and you see post and comments by friends and friends of friends. 

Your wall however is you personal space on Facebook. it's where friends can come to find out specifically about you. To leave you a message or post on your wall or see what you've been up to. All of this is stored on your wall. As far as personal info goes all your stuff gets stored on your wall. You access you wall when you click on profile on the top left hand corner. This is not the same as your news feed.

OK, so once your familiar with your wall and those of your friends. When you click on a friends profile you are taken to their wall and you have options there to find out their recent activities and info they are willing to share. Like where they are working and groups they belong to and Pages they like. 

When you click on your profile and go to your wall. Just below the share bar. You see something like this.

There are three options as you see [your name+friends], [Just Your Name] and [Just Friends]. The purpose is if you choose the first option everyone can see your wall info. If you choose the second option only you can see whats on your wall. Other people clicking on your profile will come to your page but not be able to read your wall. Clicking on the third option means only your friends can see what's on your wall. Friends of friends will not be able to read what's on your wall.

If you click on the settings button you are provided with further options. Check the screenshot below

In Stories posted by you, you have further options of importing stories to your wall. You can then share this on your news feed too. You can import stuff from YouTube, Flickr, Delcious, Yelp, Hulu and the rest of the sites mentioned above.

In Profile story comments if that box is checked. When a friends visits your wall all comments on your Wall posts are in the expanded form.

Stores posted by friends you can choose to allow friends to post to yur wall which is a default setting. If you do not want friends to post to your wall just uncheck that box.

Who can see posts made by friends. That is the option seen above. By clicking on the link with the lock you can further set your Facebook wall privacy. Click on the Friends only link and then click on customize to get the options seen in the screenshot below.

Here you can choose to make your wall visible to only a few people or even hide it from certain people. You can also choose the option to make this visible only to you. Choose your settings carefully as your wall is very important and represents what you are and do on Facebook

Make this visible to. Under this option you can choose to make your wall visible to friends of friends, only friends, only me and only certain people.

once you done click save and your on your way.

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