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Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain Guide

What is the Fire God Mountain?

Fire God Mountain is a special set of maps that are in a scary volcano surrounded by lava, imps, and other exciting surprises. When you're in the volcano, the entire game changes. Instead of trying to clear the whole map in search of all of the treasure - each map has only ONE treasure. The objective is to find the treasure in the least amount of digs possible. Using the hot and cold mechanism is the way to know if you're close to the treasure. A leaderboard tracks your progression compared to your friends, and you get more coins if you find the treasure early. Once you have found the treasure, you progress to the next map. There are 14 levels of the volcano, each one deeper than the next.

How to get to Fire God Mountain

The very first thing that everyone always wants to know is how to actually get to the volcano. Where is the Fire God Mountain? To enter the Fire God Mountain, you first need to have 5 SPF, which are an item that you can get from friends or buy from the Store. To actually find the volcano, open up your travel map and go to the Tiki Isles. From there, you will see the volcano in the top middle of the overland map. Click on it, and if you have the required amount of SPF-3000 you will be allowed in.

How to get SPF-3000 in Treasure Isle

Everyone starts out with 5 SPF, which makes entering the volcano for the first time easy as can be. You only need to pay to enter the first time that you log in to the volcano. Once you beat all levels of the volcano, you will have to pay more SPF in order to gain access again.
Treasure Isle SPF-3000

SPF-3000 has the following prices in the store:

1 SPF-3000: 3 Treasure Cash
8 Pack - 30 Treasure Cash
32 Pack - 50 Treasure Cash

Fire God Mountain Rewards

In addition to getting oodles of coins for completing the Fire God Mountain, you can also receive other items. This includes collection items such as the Volcanologist set which awards a Volcano Flag, special decorations for your home island, Treasure Cash, a permanent increase to your maximum energy, mangoes, and other rare items. You also get a trophy to display on your home island showing your score when you complete the island.

Other Fire God Mountain Tips and Hints

  • If the game tells you the treasure is "Nearby" after you dig, that means it is 2 tiles away. If it says "Really Close", that means that it is 1 tile away.

  • Make sure to eat your fruit

  • When you're searching for the treasure, click once and if you don't see a hint, click in an area far away. Keep clicking in areas that are not close to each other until you get a hint and can better track down the treasure.

  • Ask for fruit whenever you can. Lava mangoes regenerate more energy in volcanoes, so they are a great help in progressing through the volcano.

  • Replay the maps over and over again for coins. You will earn 10,000 coins for each time you finish the volcano.


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