Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sony's Twitter Cat Collar

Sony has designed a collar for your cat that can interact with Twitter. This way you can keep track of your pet's activities. The device is pre-programmed with 11 phrases that will be sent out as tweets each time your cat get up to something. "This Tastes Good" is Tweeted each time your cat eats something.

It's called Cat@Log . The scientists say that it is part of a new area of research on “human-pet interaction.”

The so-called 'lifelogging" device is a small camera, GPS and Bluetooth that is attached around the cat's neck.

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"These devices comprise various sensing units such as a camera, a GPS, an accelerometer, and a Bluetooth module. Here, we attempted to determine an optimum design of the devices such that they can be attached to a pet without causing discomfort to it; for determining this design, we considered parameters such as the device’s form factor and way of attachment."

Currently there are 11 phrases like walking, sleeping etc. Engineers have said there will be more upgrades that add to the interactivity. 

cat@log: human animal interaction platform from rkmtlab on Vimeo.

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