Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Survey says Facebook driving Divorce Rates Up

According to it's not just spouses that find infidelity evidence on Facebook and other social networking sites. Children and finding out about their parents and friends are spotting their friends who are cheating. A survey done of the top lawyers in the US have found that more and more partners are walking into their office saying "Facebook". 

With sites like Facebook you can now search beyond your neighbors and co-workers to find that missing something in your marriage. A lot of people have gotten in touch with their high school sweethearts and has led to all the problems. 

The report goes on to say that a mother of two has shown her lawyer love notes left on Skype by her husband for his old girlfriend he reconnected with on Facebook. This incident led to the divorce between husband and wife. The girlfriend also lost her marriage.

It's not always the betrayed spouse who stumbles upon the evidence. Children, neighbors and friends are now able to bust parents. 

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