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Friday, February 6, 2015

Emma Watson Replies

Please click on image to expand. Emma wants leaves the perfect reply. Parents need to realize that a lot of their kids questions  need to be rightly addresses. Take time and answer them. [Image source]

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Survey says Facebook driving Divorce Rates Up

According to it's not just spouses that find infidelity evidence on Facebook and other social networking sites. Children and finding out about their parents and friends are spotting their friends who are cheating. A survey done of the top lawyers in the US have found that more and more partners are walking into their office saying "Facebook". 

With sites like Facebook you can now search beyond your neighbors and co-workers to find that missing something in your marriage. A lot of people have gotten in touch with their high school sweethearts and has led to all the problems. 

The report goes on to say that a mother of two has shown her lawyer love notes left on Skype by her husband for his old girlfriend he reconnected with on Facebook. This incident led to the divorce between husband and wife. The girlfriend also lost her marriage.

It's not always the betrayed spouse who stumbles upon the evidence. Children, neighbors and friends are now able to bust parents. 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From iPad to iTampon.

That is how the Apple iPad's story is panning out an Twitter. The Tweeps of Twitter have somehow gotten amused with the name iPad. I guess when Apple first thought of the name they did not have any female marketing executives. Because the first thing that comes to mind when you hear iPad will make one half of the population cringe. Anyways that was a reaction that should have been expected but was it overlooked?. Did the name iPad for this device fit so well that the other aspect of the name which kind of relates to that part of the drug store where most of us males just walk by. 

So anyway the Tweeps on Twitter have gone all the way with calling the next device iTampon. The updated version of the iPad will probably come with wings. 

#iTampon is now trending on Twitter and will keep you updated if the idea's get more creative.

What are your thoughts on the name Apple choose to name their internet device?. 

Check out Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad video.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bill Gates spotted dancing.

Bill Gates has taken to it he joins Twitter, starts a Facebook page and launches a website to share his thoughts. Now he gets jiggy with it.

"He gyrated in a VIP booth until 2 AM," a "spy" told the Post's Page Six--a gossip item, so take it with a grain of salt. "Everybody was snapping photos of him until his security rushed him out the back door after he tipped a waitress $500." Society blog Guest of a Guest has photos! Looks like Gates was fist-pumping, "Jersey Shore"-style!

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US prohibits Truckers and Bus drivers from Texting while driving.

on Tuesday the federal government barred truckers and bus drivers from Texting while driving. The US transportation department feels that this will make people safer on the road. Which heavy rigs and buses are also mounted with on-board computers the department will issue guidelines for this also. Multitasking while driving greatly increases the risk of accidents.

"This is a giant step forward for safety on our roads, but we must do more," Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said of LaHood's action. "We need the administration to support our ban, which does the same thing for cars and mass transit that they are now doing for trucks and buses."

Truckers and bus drivers who violate the rule, which is effective immediately, face civil or criminal fines of up to $2,750.

Many truckers regularly use those computers while driving, even though some companies discourage them from doing so. Research shows that such multitasking greatly increases the risk of a crash.

The department said that it was still working on additional regulations that would govern the use of such computers, as well as when truckers are allowed to use cellphones for conversation.

The federal agency said that it wanted to start by issuing regulations banning texting. The agency said that such a ban represents a reinterpretation of existing safety rules governing interstate truckers and bus drivers but does not mark a wholesale change in such rules.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video: No Pants Subway Ride 2010

one according to one rider to create chaos and joy and to put a smile on a New Yorkers face. They also chose the coldest day of the year on purpose. This is their 9th year which had started by am impromptu group which started with seven would-be strippers. They had two teams in Queens, two teams in Brooklyn and another in Manhattan. They all took various subway lines and converged on Union Square to have a big pant less party to celebrate their success.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UK fugitive Craig 'Lazy' Lynch who taunted police on his Facebook page has been caught

Craig 'Crazy Lynch the fugitive was escaped from jail in the UK and was taunting police via his Facebook page has been caught.

Police have not given any detail as to weather he was caught through the help of Facebook or not?

His page has also disappeared off Facebook but the ' Where is craig 'Lazy' lynch?' group is still around.

Among other shenanigans, Lynch also clued authorities in that he was going to take his "little princess" to a specific shopping mall to meet Santa, according to a report in London's Daily Mail. He later filed an update claiming to be roaming the mall and carrying a 4-foot plush Winnie the Pooh doll.
His audacious literal and figurative one-fingered salutes to the authorities drew over 40,000 people to his Facebook page and other fan sites.  The cheeky antics also inspired a series of T-shirts and a tribute song.
Suffolk Constabulary said that Lynch had been charged with escaping from custody and was due to appear in court later Wednesday.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Advocacy group to travel the US to help curb distracted drivers

Distracted drivers in the US will now have a group to stop them. U.S transportation secretary Ray Lahood and Janet Froetscher, president of the National Safety Council, announced the creation of FocusDriven, the first nonprofit organization devoted to combating distracted driving and supporting victims of distracted drivers.

Janet Froetscher has lost her 9 years old daughter in 2008 who was killed by a distracted driver. She said that the driver was not driving fast maybe about 25 miles per hour but was distracted and on the phone. 

Stats according to ray Lahood revels that your four times more likely to crash if you on the phone while driving. 

So this advocacy group is going to travel across the country to persuade people to put their cell phones away while driving.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

How can I get my Girfriend/Boyfriend to?

Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational, Googled, "how can I get my boyfriend to..." and Google responded with a list of popular searches. The search engine's first suggestion? Propose.

He then changed the query to "how can I get my girlfriend to..." The most popular query? "Sleep with me."

You can actually try this for yourself and see how things change over time. Instead of 'How can i get my girlfriend/Boyfriend. Try Googling 'How can I get my wife/husband to' and see the changes in queries. You will be surprised oh how things change. 

This is what Chris Matyszczyk of cnet had to say after his further research.

While Ariely's discoveries are, well, predictably rational, I decided to take things a step further and discover how these relationships change, once the girlfriend has learned how to get the boyfriend to propose. So I went for the "How can I get my wife/husband to..." paradigm. The last time I enjoyed this much simultaneous fun and tragedy was when I read a Russian novel in a Croatian bar.

You will be moved to tears, or perhaps St. Petersburg, when I tell you that husbands' most frantic search is, "How can I get my wife to love me again."

Before you reach for your handkerchief to dry your eyes, might I tell you that the next most popular googling suggestion is, "How can I get my wife to swing."

You will feel that your world has been temporarily righted when I tell you that the next two pleas involve losing weight and shaving. However, the list is completed with wanting to know how to get your wife to trust you again, love you and, that perennial source of friction, shut up.

What of the wives? Once they are betrothed, do they come to terms with their man's foibles and failings?

Well, the prime Google search for "How can I get my husband to..." is followed by the words "fall in love with me again." Yes, husbands and wives apparently want to be loved by their partners but have no idea how to achieve it.

This plea is followed by wanting their husbands to be "more affectionate" and "to love me again." Forget the "falling in love" part; just give me the basic love thing, these searchers seem to say--the one that involves a little thought and kindness.

Soon, though, the googling warts are exposed. For the next most popular is the need to know how to get the husband to help around the house. This is followed by more intimate needs, like romance and conversation. However, it is rounded out by a need to get husbands to leave the house and stop drinking.

Wow... what do you make of all of this?

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

American Dialect Society picked 'tweet' and 'google' word of 2009 and Decade

Members of the American dialect society have voted and chosen two words. One will be the word of 2009 and the other the word of the decade. The results: 'tweet' word of 2009 and 'google' is the word of the decade. 

Tweet used as a noun is a short message sent via the social networking service Tweet used as a verb is the act of sending such a message. Google used as a verb means the act of searching the Internet and derives from "Google," the U.S. corporation specializing in Internet search.

"It's hard to imagine life before we were Googling," American Dialect Society executive councilmember Ben Zimmer

In the end, "Google" beat out five formidable finalists for Word of the Decade: "9/11," "green," "blog," "text" and "war on terror." (The ADS deemed "tweet" top word for 2009.)

Zimmer notes that way back in 2002 (when "weapons of mass destruction" was crowned Word of the Year), "Google" was voted most useful and "blog" most likely to succeed. 

There's no smaller time capsule than a single word. In 2000, the American Dialect Society picked "web" to represent the 1990s, "jazz" for the 20th century and "she" for the millennium. Ten letters can evoke an entire epoch

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