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What's an Uber Gift in FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille.


An Über gift is a big, awesome gift. There are 3 of them, one from each game. The right combination of Buy.Earn.Play credits will earn you all 3 Über gifts at the same time: 200 Farm Cash in FarmVille, 50 Skill Points in Mafia Wars and a Slurpee machine for your house in YoVille! (There is no way to win Über gifts individually).

You’ll need to redeem 5 to 8 Buy.Earn.Play. credits as well as complete 1 to 3 Zynga tasks. Each 7-Eleven product is worth 1 Buy.Earn.Play credit, while a Zynga game card is worth 2 credits. After 9 notches in your belt, you’ll unlock all 3 incredible üBER gifts at once. Don’t forget to keep track of your progress in the Gift Tracker tab at

Slurpee + Big Gulp + Ice Cream + Bottled Water + Hot Coffee + Chips + Grill Item + Orange Soda + Complete One Zynga Task = All 3 üBER gifts

To get started on unlocking these Uber Gifts, head to the website, login to the site with your Facebook account and agree to the terms of the promotion. Once that's done, you'll be directed to the red Uber Gift page. (If you don't automatically land on the page, click the red Uber Gift tab) with a brief (and slightly confusing) description on how to acquire these special gifts. 

See those nine white dots at the top of the page? Essentially, you have to fill up those dots by doing a combo of redeeming codes (each code fills up one spot, you can also use Zynga cash cards, which will fill up two spots) and performing 1-3 in-game tasks (more on these below). 

For example: Redeem codes from a Slurpee + Big Gulp + Ice Cream + Bottled Water + Hot Coffee + Chips + Grill Item + Orange Soda and complete one Zynga task = 9 activities that will fill up the dots. Once all nine dots are full, you'll be able to collect all three Uber Gifts.

Note: Don't try to cut corners by trying to redeem more than one Zynga card -- only one will count toward meeting the requirements to unlock the Uber Gifts.

OK, now onto these so-called 'Zynga Tasks' needed to collect the Uber-gift. There are special tasks assigned to FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille players. You must complete at least one to get the Uber Gifts, and if you play all three games, you can just do all of the tasks. Then all three of those tasks will go toward meeting the Uber Gifts requirements (then you'll only have to redeem six 7-Eleven items to get the special gifts).

Here are the Zynga tasks, broken down by game: 


After redeeming a FarmVille-themed item, you will unlock a limited-edition Goji Berry crop. You must achieve level 3 mastery of this crop to complete the FarmVille task.

Mafia Wars:

After redeeming a Mafia Wars-themed item, you will unlock the Corner Store Collection of virtual items in the game. You will then need to complete 41 jobs and win 10 fights in order to unlock all items in the Corner Store Collection and receive a Limited Edition bonus gift. Task complete.


The YoVille task is a little less labor-intensive than the other two (not sure why). All you have to do is redeem seven YoVille themed items, and you earn a Limited Edition bonus gift. Task complete.

Once you've done the work you can reap the benefit of having 200 extra Farm Cash at your disposal (or one of those other two items) ... and you even get a Slurpee or 10 out of the deal.

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