Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Spice Promotion on Twitter

Right below the list of Trending topics the last topic reads "Old Spice" with a promoted tag beside it. As you know these are sponsored Tweets and help Twitter to generate income. This is the way Twitter will be monetizing itself. Old Spice seeks to bring in the fresh look, feel and smell. When you click on @OldSpice you land on their Twitter homepage for the campaigner and the background is a tiled bathroom.They have about 20,000 followers and we guess the new promotion is going well for Old Spice. Users are in their own way pushing the promotion to the trending topics by interacting and engaging with this promoted trend. 

The Old Spice Tweet reads "You'll never know when the Old Spice man/guy on a horse might show up. Watch out for him, we heard he was around".

On their Twitter homepage is a link to their YouTube Channel. With a whole lot of promotional videos. All these promote in their own way something that smells great. The Videos are fresh and feel or rather would like to bring on a feeling of freshness, fresh air and great smells.

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