Friday, August 6, 2010

Twitter launches who to follow: Get more followers and find new ones to follow

Twitter has launched "who to follow" worldwide. It was rolled out in stages and now everyone has got who to follow. If you Tweet with regularity and are consistent. Twitter is definitely going to recommend Tweeps to follow you. This also ensure that a lot of active accounts are now going to get a huge number of followers.

The best part is if you are looking for who to follow and you see someone recommended to you in the sidebar. you can follow from right there. You do not need to go the person's personal page to follow the user. If you want more than the two suggestions that are bing shown you can click on the "View All" to get a whole list of new people for you to discover and follow. Facebook and Linkedin already have this feature and it has been functional for a long time. Facebook suggests you friends you might already know and Linkedin shows you professional people you might be connected with through your contacts.

Twitter however is a little different as it has always been. The suggestions being thrown up are pretty solid and good. They are showing you people who are worth following and who you can learn something from. This has really spiced things up in Twitter. This new engine of theirs called "who to follow" has really mixed things up for the good and putting people together based on likes and interests in a really effective way. This should have been done long ago. My first suggestion was a popular someone from Mashable and I was not surprised. Good one Twitter.

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