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FarmVille Trading Post Guide

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The Trading Post is now available in FarmVille! With the new crop orders from the Trading Post you will be able to master your crops faster and help your friends master theirs! If you are working toward mastery of a Limited Edition crop that is about to expire, the Trading Post can give you those last few points you need to get a Mastery Sign!

Placing the Trading Post

The next time you play FarmVille, you will receive the opportunity to place a Trading Post on your farm. After you see the Trading Post announcement, the Trading Post will be on your mouse pointer and you can place it on your farm by clicking in an open space.

If you don’t see this, don’t quite have enough room on your farm, or just want to wait until later, don’t worry! You can return to your normal cursor and find the Trading Post in your Gift box or the Market for placement later.

Please keep in mind that while you can place a Trading Post on either one or both farms, however placing multiple trading posts doesn’t double the number of orders you’re able to place.

Using the Trading Post to Order Crops

Once your Trading Post is placed, you can “Look Inside” it to see what crops your neighbors have ready to trade!

When you open your Trading Post you will see a list of all the crops your friends have recently planted. Beneath each crop for each friend you will see a button labeled “Post Order” for that crop. If the button is green the crop is available for orders! Just click it and let your friend know you want to order their crop!

Completing Orders & Rewards

When your Neighbors harvest their crops, your order will be ready to claim. To do this, just go back to the For Sale screen and click on any crops with a “Claim” button under them. You will be granted some coin and Mastery XP in that crop when you claim a completed order.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know that you can only take orders for crops once every twelve hours. You only have to plant one plot for a crop to be able to take orders for it, and you do need to harvest it to complete any orders you have taken. You also have to be level five in order to place and use a Trading Post on your farm.

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