Saturday, October 8, 2011

giftiki for social gifting

giftiki is a website for social sharing, when you want to give one of your Facebook pals a gift you and your friends can pool in and get that friend a gift.

How does giftiki work

When it's time for all your fiends to chip-in and get that one person a gift, you can use giftiki. The occasion cna be a birthday, wedding, honeymoon or any other occasion. It works on Facebook and a bunch of friends can pool in and get that special someone a gift. Eliminates the need of collecting money especially if your gang is scatted all over the place. 

Uses can give anywhere between $1 and $10 and each gift gets posted to the recipients wall and is accompanied with a message or an icon of a gift, cupcake or banana. The person who receives the gift cannot redeem it for actual cash but can redeem it for an American Express gift card or with online retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Starbucks or Sports Authority.

Giftiki is still in beta but you can connect with your Facebook account to learn more. source: 

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