Saturday, October 8, 2011

YouTube now offers movies for rent in the UK

YouTube first offered full length feature films for rent in the US and then in Canada. The renting service now comes to the UK. Britons can now rent and watch full length feature films and movies on YouTube. YouTube also says that many of these movies come with extras like behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with the cast, documentaries, parodies and remixes. The partners providing movies for the UK service include Universal, Lionsgate, Entertainment One, and independent British film makers, Metrodome and Revolver Entertainment.

How YouTube rentals work

YouTube rent works essentially like video on demand. You click to play and you will be asked to pay a price, something that the uploaded has fixed. Once you pay the movie will be available to watch for however long the uploaded or partner has sent. Sometimes it could be forever and the movie will always be available for you to watch.

Source: YouTube Blog

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