Saturday, November 12, 2011

Batch lets you share large groups of photos from your iPhone or iPad

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Forget syncing you photos to your PC to share them and uploading and sharing one-by-one on Facebook and Twitter. Batch the iOS App lets you do all this fast and easily. With Batch you can now group together a bunch of photos on you iPhone or iPad and share them all together. The app also has real-time sharing and so you can share photos as soon as you snap them. When sharing you can create a private batch to share with just a few people or a public batch and upload the entire set to Facebook or twitter. Saves you a lot of time and headache with uploaded and sharing each photo one at a time.

You can also view batches of your friends and comment and like. You can also see batches you've been tagged in. You would also need to remember that in addition to share on other social networks Batch is a social network in itself and you can get your friends to download the app and join you. This app seems to be the next cool photo sharing app. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

You can find a quick guide for this App here and a link to download it here

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