Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pics and Conversations: Just me and my duck chillin' in Iraq

If you need your daily dose of funny interactions and comments on Reddit you got yours for today. A soldier in Iraq posts a pic of himself and his duck chillin and it has prompted some of the funniest comments found anywhere today on the web. The image is a very simple one but one that could be destined for internet fame. He is seen standing with his duck on his shoulder, with the duck looking straight at the camera and he is looking a little quacker. The comments this photo has got is nothing short of comical and the pun being used on the poor duck is a must read for you today.

He later posts another photo of the duck and you are left wondering what the. So here the link to the conversation happening right now on reddit and be sure to add your own comments to this absolutely wonderful pic. 

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