Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music Notation Training helps budding musicians to practice reading staff notes for free

Looks like I still remember all my notes

You know how difficult it is to practice reading sheet music. Every person who want to learn music will need to first get used to these staff notes. Web App music notation training comes to the rescue. If you need to practice your music notations you can do so here. The idea is to keep practicing even when you not playing and it's only that that you will be able to get your , e.g.b.d.f and f.a.c.e  right.

With this app which is also available for the iPhone and iPad, you get to see the music notations on the stave and there is a space below each note you you to type in the corresponding music note. If you type the right note in the app shows you it's correct and if you type the wrong note then the app will display the correct one. This is one good way to get a hang of music notations. You can also change the clef from treble to bass.

Check it out now if you need a little help with speed reading music notes.

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