Monday, December 5, 2011

How to connect your phone to your Twitter account via the web

With Twitter you have the ability to connect your phone to the service via the web. This just simplifies things and makes it easier to connect your device. Going about connecting your phone to your Twitter account via the web has it's advantages. One of them being you can still easily access your account easily on the web if you should loose your password. 

Follow these steps to connect your Twitter account to your phone using the internet
1. Login to Twitter
2. Click on your username, found on the top right-hand corner and then click on settings
3. Now click on Mobile
4. Now choose your country from the drop-down menu and then enter your mobile number. (Works fine if you're in the US. If you are not you will also need to choose your carrier from the menu)
5. Click 'start' to verify your phone number
6. You will now need to send a text message to Twitter. Using the number provided by Twitter with the word 'Go'.
7. You will receive a message from Twitter on your phone confirming that you mobile number has been verified.

You can now use your phone to send Tweets and receive Twitter from users you choose. You need to keep the number Twitter gave you as whenever you Tweet, you will need to send it to that number.

How to stop, disable turn off Twitter on your Phone
Simply reply to the number which Twitter gave you to start using your phone. e.g If your in the US the number would be 40404. Reply with Stop to quit the service.

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