Monday, December 5, 2011

How to drag, drop and share files easily on the Internet

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This is always the need to share files over the internet. This cold be text files, image, files, audio files, videos and the list goes on. Large files cannot be shared using your email accounts because most email services do not support sharing of large files. The web app Droplr however changes all of that. With Droplr sharing is as simple as dragging and dropping. Once you files is shared the recipients then get a Short URL which you can share  with them and all shared files can be viewed. You can even share your files over your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once you install the app you can then share stuff straight off the internet. So if you see an amazing photo on Flickr you can share it right then and there. Droplr comes with a free 50 MB of storage for free accounts, with everything being stored in the cloud.

Droplr: How does it work
1. Create an account with Droplr
2. Click on the box, found at the bottom left-hand corner that says 'Drag and drop and file here to upload it'
3. Choose file from your PC or Phone
4. Click upload your done
5. To find your file just reload your drops
6. Click on the short link below your file
7. That is the short URL or web address that you send to your pals for them to view your uploaded file

It works on your MAC, Windows and there is even an iOS App coming soon for your iPhone. Droplr also offers stability with industry-leading storage capabilities and therefore promises reliability at all times. Please head over and check it out. Also please leave feedback on the same in the comments section below.

Check the video out to learn more

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