Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Be Evil Bookmarklet: How does it work

When Google launched 'Search Plus Your world' (SPYW), users were told that this new feature will help them get better results when they search Google. There were other things that users were not told, results from Twitter, Facebook and many other sites were being omitted. The reason Google gave was that Twitter and Facebook did not allow the search engine access to information, as much as it needed to. You therefore get a whole lot of Google+ profiles in your search. Most of these profiles are not even updated regularly and the same person's Twitter profile would actually be much relevant, but Google choose to ignore it. They would like to have people forcefully sign-up for a Google+ Profile.

Don't be evil: Is the philosophy Google built their business on. Show results keeping the user in mind and not the company. So no one results gets precedence over the other. With SPYW this does not seem to apply at all.

A few engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have decided to fight back and prove to everyone that Google can sometimes be evil and manipulate search results. The result -  a Bookmarklet that can be used on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It does not work on Internet explorer.

How to get the Don't be evil bookmarklet, add-on or extension now and try a more relevant Google search.
1. Head over to their site focusontheuser.org

2. Click on Try a more relevant Google

3. Click and drag 'Don't be evil' to your bookmark bar. If it is not visible change your settings to make it visible and then drag and drop.

4. Now go to Google and search for anything
5. when you get the results click on 'Don't be evil' bookmarklet located in your bookmark bar

You can also get the Chrome App (Extensions) for the same in the Google Chrome Store and add the App. What the app does is it Modifies Google's hardcoded Google+ search results and replaces them with real social media results.
Don't be evil App for Chrome.

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