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How to enable Handwrite in Google Mobile Search

Google Handwrite is now available on touchscreen mobile devices. With this new feature you can just use your finger once you're on Google.com and write using your finger anywhere on the screen. To enter a search term in Google you do not need your keyboard to type in your search query. Just use your your finger to hand-write whatever you want and it will be recognized and entered as a search term in Google.

Google Handwrite: How does it work
The technology behind this is great but the application is simple. You just need to enable Google Handwrite on your SmartPhone or Tablet, once enabled you will need to use the Handwrite icon  to handwrite your query and it automatically gets entered. You are then displayed all the Google results you are so used to.

How to enable Google Handwrite on your Tablet or SmartPhone.
1. On your device go to the Google preferences page.
2. Now under the Handwrite section select enable and then touch save to enable this feature.
This feature needs to be enabled as it is turned-off be default. You might need to also refresh the page before you see the feature. 

How to enable on Tablets
The feature can be found by tapping on the gear icon on the Google homepage. 

How to use Google Handwrite
1. On the bottom of your screen tap the  icon
2. Now on the screen of your mobile device use your finger to start writing anywhere. As you write your handwriting gets converted into typeface. 
3. Once your satisfied with your query tap the  icon to search.

On what devices is Google Handwriting available

For now Google Handwrite is available  for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets, available in 27 languages. 
Source: Google Mobile Blog

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