Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Facebook Integration

OS X Mountain Lion is the latest desktop operating system from Apple. One of the key features of the new OS is the ability to start a task on one system and continue it on another - start on a MAC and switch over to the iPhone or iPad. This can be done several times a day and everything works seamlessly. As such the new OS comes with deep Facebook integration and once you sign-in to your Facebook account you will be able to continue your normal work on any of your Apple gadgets and be aware of what your pals are doing on Facebook. Once you sign-in there is a notifications center setup to work with your Facebook. So while doing you normal work on any of your devices you will be able to post to Facebook too. 

Facebook Notifications center on your OS is a place to see your FB notifications. This might not be such a huge hit with users and you might find reasons why here. There is also a Facebook Share Sheet - what this does is works like a handy card and shows you content you've been posting. Will also help you post photos and add it to your albums. The share sheet also has a location icon you can click the icon to add location to your posts and let your friends know where you are while posting your Facebook status update. 

When you setup Mountain Lion and connect it to your Facebook account. It adds your Facebook friends to your contacts. With their profile pictures and their contact information. So when your friends update their contact information on Facebook it is automatically updated on Mountain Lion Contacts List. You can also add profile photos for contacts who are not on Facebook - by choosing Update Contacts in the Facebook settings of Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

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