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How to find a lost phone when it's on silent around your home, apartment or office

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You know how many times you switch your phone onto silent mode and leave it somewhere in your house or apartment and forget where you left it. There are apps to help you trace your lost phone which we have already written about. How to find your lost iPhone and how to find your lost Android phone. Missing cell phones and mobile phones are always a problem and the site apartment therapy has a simply solution to find your phone it is misplaced somewhere close by. The solution is simple and yet useful - you can use your speakers. You know how, when listening to music on your computer and you get a call, your speakers start to buzz. Finding your lost phone which is on silent can be traced using your speakers. If you still have boombox speakers with long chords. You can walk around your room or apartment with one of those and whenever it gets close to your phone which is ringing it will start to buzz. To start the process you would need to call your phone and then use the speakers by walking around with them. That is if you have speakers with a long cord. If you don't then you can use music player with headphones. 

The speakers start to buzz because your speakers are picking up the vibrations of your cell phone tower communicating with your cell phone. The speakers are basically acting like antennas and pick up the transmissions. So put on your headsets, use someone else's phone to dial your number and start walking around your home, office, apartment or any other enclosed space. 
Source: Apartment Therapy

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