Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to know how many pages are indexed by Google

Good news for all webmasters and people who run their own blogs and websites. Behold Behold Google index secrets, revealed! - a feature available in Google Webmaster Tools know as Index Status will help you learn more about your site and pages indexed by Google. The constant question on webmasters minds is always 'Did Google Index my site', 'Google Index Search' and 'How many pages did Google Index'. If you're new to this and want a little more info. When Google sends their Bots to crawl a site, they will try to crawl all pages from a site or blog. Each of these pages are then Indexed by Google and this Index Google will use to send visitors to a site or blog. It is therefore so important to people who run blogs or websites to know how many pages are indexed by Google and out of those pages how many are showing up on Google searches. Google remains the most important place on the internet to send traffic to your blog or site.

So if you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the world of being a webmaster fear not, Google has an excellent tool as part of their Webmaster tools to help you figure this whole thing out. Google's Webmaster Tools are an important destination if you own a blog or a website. You need to go there and create an account and place a little bit of code on your site or blog -verify you're the owner and you're good to go after that. So once you have a Google Webmaster Account this is what you need to do to check the Index Status of your Website or Blog.

How to check the Index Status in Google's Webmaster Tools
Chart showing how many pages from your site or blog are indexed by Google

1. Login to Google Webmaster Tools
2. Click on the site you want to check the index status for
3. Click on 'Health' found on the right-hand column
4. Now click on 'Index Status'

Under Index Status there are two Grey buttons - Basic and Advanced
Basic: By default you see the basic view, as seen above there is a graph and this graph gives you your total index count. If you blog or site has been around for sometime it needs to be pointing upwards. This means your index status is healthy. You can also see the number of pages that have indexed by Google
Advanced: When you click on the advanced tag you get 4 tabs 
A chart showing Google index crawl history

1. The blue tabs (Total Indexed) shows the total number of webpages indexed by Google 
2. The red tab (Ever Crawled) the cumulative total number of URLs from your site that Google has ever crawled
3. The green tab ( Not Selected) URls that were not selected because they redirected to other pages or URLs which content very similar to other pages on your site. Good idea not to keep repeating content.
4. The gold tab (Blocked by robots) the number of pages Google could not crawl because they have been blocked in your Robots.txt file. 

This feature is available and ready for use, check it now to monitor the health of your site and see if Google is able to access all of your pages or are there some errors showing up. Please leave a comment below to continue this discussion. 
Source: Google Webmaster Blog - Behold Google's Index secrets revealed

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