Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twitter for Nokia now available

Nokia is the most used mobile platform in the world and is now offering a native Twitter experience for all Nokia Series 40 phones. Series 40 is a software and UI platform used in all Nokia mid-level and some luxury phones. It is the most widely used mobile platform in the world with hundreds of millions of devices running on series 40. With the company announcing in 2012 that 1.5 billion S40 devices have been sold worldwide. So if you own a Nokia phone and till now did not have a Twitter native app for your Twitter enjoyment, well here it comes you can head over to the OVI store of Nokia and get the Official Twitter App for your Nokia phone. 

The Official Twitter App for Nokia allows you to read all of your Tweets connect with others and do all the things on Twitter that you normally do on your PC. The Twitter phone experience is something that Nokia phone users were denied till now. Once you land on the App page you can use the Nokia phone selector to see if your device is compatible. So use the link provided below to get Twitter for your Nokia phone now.
Official Twitter app for Nokia Phones

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