Sunday, July 8, 2012

Twitter gets Search Autocomplete

Twitter search was always not what you wanted it to be with so much missing. The Twitter Team however have been working hard and have now introduced 'Search Autocomplete'. In may Twitter introduced related queries and spelling corrections in search for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android based SmartPhones. So if you start a search on your Smartphone as you type your search term spellings wold be corrected and related queries would show up - works the way we see in Google. You enter a term and spelling corrections are suggested as well as from the drop-down a list or related search queries. With search autocomplete Twitter seeks to take this a little further and their experiments with search seems to have produced some amazing results. In addition to autocomplete Twitter will also have 'People you follow' search results. So now when you search fro let's say a hashtag - you get results from 'All' and from 'people you follow'. So you can see what the people of Twitterverse are saying and what the people you follow are saying about a trending topic.

Twitter Autocomplete: How does it work

1. Enter your search terms and as you begin typing you get a list of terms from the drop-down. Chances are your search term shows up even before you finish typing it in.
2. After you enter your search you find the most relevant articles, Tweets, images and videos for your query.
3. below this you will find results from 'All' and results from 'People you follow'. By default all results are show from all but if you want to see what people you follow are saying you will have to click the people you follow link to find Tweets from them.

Further improvements to search include real name search. Now when you search for a person by name you get results that match their name with the account they use. so even if their account handle is different you get to see the real name account name and tweets from them. 
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