Monday, August 6, 2012

Google Doodle: Hurdles 2012

The Google Doodle know as Hurdles 2012

If you go to Google today you get to see the new Olympics Doodle from Google. It is being called Hurdles 2012. It's a chance for you to run a virtual hurdles race and win gold coins depending on how well you do. If you wondering how to play this Doodle. You need to click the start button and then use the right and left arrow keys to run faster. The more time you click on the keys the faster you will run. When you reach a hurdle, press the space-bar to jump. All a good way to feel a part of the Olympics. There are other Olympic Doodles from Google but this comes with some really nice interactivity. You can play the game and get better with it at practice. You don't need to run fast but if you fingers are fast enough on the keyboard you can earn your three gold coins. If you are satisfied with your results you can share it with your circles on Google+. You can play now by visiting Google - if you want the permalink it is available here

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