Monday, August 6, 2012

How to find lost or hidden photos in your Email Accounts

You know, especially if you are one of those shutterbugs who takes a lot of photos and shares them with friends or maybe you are one of those people who receive a lot of photos. Whatever maybe the case we all have a lot of photos hidden deep in our email account. For some reason you might have even forgotten about a set of photos and don't even know it's there in your email account. It is sometimes a tedious and time consuming process to search your inbox and folders for all those lost photos. 

Lost Photos is an App available both for Windows as a free app and for MAC as a paid app. Once you download the freeware and install the software on your PC. You will be able to search for files in your Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, .Mac, iCloud/MobileMe and Google Apps accounts. Once you find these photos you will also be able to share them with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or Email contacts of yours. The makers of the app have said that thy take privacy seriously and all login IDs are kept strictly confidential. 
Lost Photos  - To recover lost or hidden photos

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