Monday, August 6, 2012

Nina - The new voice assistant for iPhones and Android

the mobile voice assistant Nina from Nuance

Nuance have announced the new virtual assistant for mobile customer service experience. Nina unlike Siri can also interact within Apps. Which means that instead of pushing buttons to pay you bills you can speak into your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and get all your work done. Siri has a fatal flow in that she cannot work within non-Apple applications, Nina can be used in any mobile computing background. Nina can also be used by organizations to build their own voice-based platforms to conduct business. This will work well for companies into Telecommunications, Financial Services, travel and more.

Nina will also be good at understanding what is said and who said it. This is done by using something called Nuance voice print and the use of voice-ID biometric technology. You can use Nina as a virtual assistant for voice, typing and tap. All this powerful tech will lead to Nina asking questions and filling out answers from within apps. Processing requests and completing transactions. For industries Nina goes beyond answering simple commands but can actually engage in customer dialog. Also the availability of Nina on all smartphones can completely change the mobile landscape. You can check the video out below to learn more.
You can meet Nina here to learn more

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