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Mars Curiosity Rover Landing on Mars Video [Aug 5, 2012]

Middle or a Mars crater: Source

I arrive on the red planet on Aug 5, says the Twitter account of the NASA team. This video or the Mars Curiosity Rover provides a fascinating glimpse of the miraculous landing of Curiosity on Mars. In a tweet about the event NASA had this to say 'Look out below! What descent to the surface of Mars looked like from my POV'. The video is fascinating and the YouTube account that uploaded the video had this to say 'The Curiosity Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) captured the rover's descent to the surface of the Red Planet. The instrument shot 4 fps video from heatshield separation to the ground'. The video is phenomenal in that it showcases an event in history that will be remembered for the technology that is being used to study and observe the red planet. 

Curiosity is a full functional mobile-science lab sent to another planet. Which is why NASA scientists have said that it has been the most challenging and elaborate achievement in the history or robotic-flight. The daredevil decent of Curiosity enclosed in a capsule-like protective shell. Took eight months to finally streak through Martian atmosphere at 17 times the speed of sound. The landing is nothing short of spectacular and something to be seen. to follow more from the Curiosity team on Twitter you can follow them @MarsCuriosity

Look out below! What descent to the surface of Mars looked like from my POV #MSL #MARDI [video]
— Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity) August 6, 2012

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