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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Samsung Ad 'The Next Big Thing' [Video]

iPhone 5

It seems Samsung is relentlessly pursuing Apple Fanboys -- going after the iPhone 5. just a few days ago Samsung ran a print ad called ' It doesn't take a genius'. The ad does a comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy s III. Well the latest is a video called 'The next big thing is already here' - this time poking fun at the people waiting in line outside the Apple stores wiating to be the first to get their hands on the all new iPhone 5. The video cleverly shows how the Galaxy S 3 already has features that the iPhone 5 will be coming with and some features that have not yet come to the iPhone. For instance the large screen that the iPhone 5 is getting is already there on the S3, 4G LTE connectivity already available. Samsung also references the phone as 'GS3' bringing about the hip quotient. The biggest dog seems to be the guy who is waiting in line reserving a spot for his parents. This jibe at the iPhone 5 to show that the next big thing is already here and the iPhone 5 is already old before it comes out. So will the ad have an impact, let us know in the comments section below. 

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Monday, September 17, 2012

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3

Samsung the Korean company released a print ad over the weekend taking a shot at the iPhone 5. The ad is called 'It doesn't take a genius' -- and listed below are features of the iPhone 5 compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III. The S 3 is now considered the main competitor of the iPhone 5 and there is also a rumor that Samsung will have the Samsung Galaxy S 4 available by March 2013. The S 3 to its credit has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. The iPhone 5 however has already surpassed 2 million in pre-orders, with the phone being available on Friday. The Galaxy 3 III last month became the top selling SmartPhone in the US. Apple fanboys however were not amused with the ad and retaliated with their own versions of the Ad.

It doesn't take a genius ad
It doesn't take a genius ad Samsung s 3 vs iPhone 5

Don't settle for cheap plastic
Don't settle for cheap plastic ad iPhone 5 vs galaxy s3

In high school it doesn't take a genius
In high school it doesn't take a genius - Samsung vs iPhone 5

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Social tag

The Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a feature called Social tag. Once this is synced with all your contacts, tapping on a contact will allow you to find out their SNS Status. SNS status stands for or means Social Networking Status. So using the Social tag feature of your Galaxy S3 you can check out a friends' Facebook profile with a simply tap on that contact. according to Samsung this is how it works - using its Face recognition feature the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the capability to instantly recognize identify and properly tag people in your photos, as long as you have added them as contacts. These contacts have to have a profile picture attached or you could add one. With Social Share you can instantly share the pictures with your S3 contacts recognized in your photos.

Social tag on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Adding Social tag to contacts as Facebook connections.
If you have synced your contacts with Facebook - you can check by opening the Contacts App and see if your contacts have a Facebook symbol next to their entry. if you see someone who does not have the Facebook contact added you can then tap on contact and go to 'Connections' and from there link them to a Social network contact.

Using Social tag on the S3
So once you have linked your friends as Social contacts, you can go to your photos and start using Social tag. Go to your photos and click on your friends face and match them to your contacts. The S3's Face recognition software will then be able to automatically recognize friends faces in your photos. After which all you need to do is click on the relevant button below your friends photo and you can mail them the photo, call them, tag them or check out their Facebook profile instantly. be sure you have Social tag switched on in your settings menu for this to work.

Check out the video below from the Vodafone teach team about Social tag on the S3.