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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Film and share videos instantly with YouTube Capture for iPhone

Google has just released YouTube Capture for iPhone and iPod Touch. With this new iPhone App it just got a whole lot easier to capture video and film on your devise and share it on YouTube. Once you share it on YouTube you can then send your pals the link on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. The App by itself is very straightforward and easy to use. Once downloaded and launched you can begin filming and alternate between your front facing and rear facing camera. All you need to do is to touch on the capture icon and you're ready to go. If you have a shaky hand you can use YouTube's enhancements like stabilization to touch it up.

Film and share videos instantly with YouTube Capture for iPhoneHow to use YouTube Capture on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
1. You will need to download the app from iTunes store
2. Install it on your iPhone or iPod
3. Once installed click on capture to launch the app
4. The first time you launch it you will be presented with a brief tutorial
5. Once done you can either log in to your YouTube account or begin capturing film immediately and sign in later.
6. Rotate your phone to go into landscape mode
7. Tap the capture button to begin recording
8. The recording button turns into a timer
9. Tap the timer to finish

You're video is now ready to be uploaded to YouTube. Start uploading and close the App - you video will be uploaded silently in the background. You can then use YouTube's enhancements if you want to touch up your video.
Get YouTube Capture for iPhone here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chumkee - The New Video Social Sharing App for your iPhone and iPad

Image: Chumkee

Chumkee - The video social networking app for your iOS device is fun and definitely something new to experiment with. The way this app works is that after you join you can start sharing your life though photos and videos. Forget text for the moment, you should try sharing your day with your pals through videos and images. This is definitely another way to tell a story. Once you and your pals get the app you can begin to share vie mediums like images and videos. Since this is a social sharing app you can also add random people to follow and add as friends. You can also find interesting conversations and people with similar interests by using the hastag.

Using this app you can share your digital life in one of the most creative ways possible. The app already has over 30,000 users and its user base is growing fast. The app also has a category called 'Hot', this is the place to go to find out what is trending among the people using the app. You can also share your Facebook and Twitter stuff on Chumkee. So give it a while and try it, highlight your day in this fun way - see the fun of discovering people via videos. This is the fun part of the App. Available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app requires iOS 4.3 or later to run, and if you wondering how much it costs, well it's free.

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