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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Facebook ads settings: How to protect yourself against third party ads and social ads

Image Credit: Facebook 
Facebook makes its money through ads and there are a few settings you need to know about regarding Facebook's social ads. You might be wondering what social ads are on Facebook. lets take a closer look. Social ads are the ads you see while on Facebook with a social twist. The ads you see will not have your name or picture on it and this is good for as long as Facebook does not decide to use your picture or name in an ad. To ensure that this does not happen in the future you might need to adjust your privacy settings to the same.

What are third party ads
third party ads are ads shown by companies and people on Facebook. These might be tailored to small medium or large businesses. FB once ran into trouble with these ads as they were using users photos in the ads. That according to Facebook will not happen again but if in case this does happen in the future you need to protect yourself against it.

What are social ads
Social ads track the likes of your friends. So if one of your friends likes an ad on Facebook. You will see their name below the ad with the caption (name of friend who likes this). Social ads on Facebook pair your likes beside ads to show to your friends.

Here are the facts about social ads
Social ads show an advertiser's message alongside actions you have taken, such as liking a Page
Your privacy settings apply to social ads
Facebook won't sell your information to advertisers
Only confirmed friends can see your actions alongside an ad
If a photo is used, it is your profile photo and not from your photo albums

How to edit third part ad settings
1. login to Facebook
2. Click on the down-arrow beside home (top right-hand corner)
3. Click on Account Settings
4. Click on Facebook ads (Bottom right-hand corner
5. Click on 'Edit third party ad settings'
6. Beside 'If we allow this in the future, show my information to' click the drop-down and choose either 'No One' or 'Only my friends'
7. Click on 'save Changes'
8. You're done

How to edit social ads settings settings

1. login to Facebook
2. Click on the down-arrow beside home (top right-hand corner)
3. Click on Account Settings
4. Click on Facebook ads (Bottom right-hand corner
5. Click on 'Edit social ads settings'
6. Beside 'Pair my social actions with ads for" from the drop-down you can choose 'No One' or 'Only my freinds'
7. Click on 'save Changes'
8. You're done

Please use the comments section below to continue this discussion. Video below if you want the visual tutorial.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Facebook now No 1 in Display Ad publishing in the US

Facebook is now the leader of display Ad publishing now in the US. Ahead of Yahoo and Microsoft. Yahoo Inc which till now has been the leading display ad publisher both in terms of revenue and Ad impressions is now second to Facebook. This is in terms of Ad Impressions as Yahoo still makes more money. Yahoo with it's network of sites which includes other publishers has remained quiet steady so has Microsoft.

Well all this has rumors flying that Facebook might launch an Ad network of it's own. Many publishers will definitely welcome this as most publishers will have a Chance to experiment with a new Ad Network.

Most of the Facebook Display Ads are the ones they call 'Social Ads'. Most tied to pages or profiles in Facebook itself.

With over 400 million users worldwide and still showing no signs of slowing down Facebook is definitely set for phenomenal growth when it comes to Advertising Space.

We do not see Facebook as a Google Ad Network competitor since Google serves search ads and not display ads.

With Facebook's gigantic growth will the world see the launch of a new Ad Network that will take the competition to the gods of Online Advertising.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

How to find all the Facebook Ads that are targeted at you.

If you would like to know and view all the current Facebook ads that aretargetted at you pls use this link This page will show you all the ads that have been pushed by facebook to you. You would need to logged into Facebook to see this page.

This also shows the interactivity of these Ads and if you do not wish to see a certain Ad all you need to do is to click the (X) mark next to the Ad. When you do that Facebook will prompt you with a list from a drop down box to please explain why you do not like this Ad.

The reasons they ask you to choose from are

1. Misleading
2. Offensive
3. Uninteresting
4. Irrelevant
5. Repetitive
6. Other

Once you choose your answer that Ad will no more appear before you. Viola

Sample Facebook Ad below

The oomph factor

KAZO is an international brand of western wear for young chics and trendy women.Go a head and get dressed with KAZO


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Friday, January 22, 2010

How to advertise on Facebook.

You would first need to go to to prepare your Ad. Also there is a step by step guide to help you better prepare before placing your Ad. Here is the quick overview of the 4 step process that is followed by Facebook to place and Ad on their site.

Steps to create Facebook Ads

1. Click on the Create an Ad Link

Add your website address, Title, and Text. This needs to be chosen carefully because you really want people to see your ad and click on it. Just seeing your ad is not enough. Make it as engaging as possible so users would feel a need to click on it. Or maybe even click the like button under the Ad. This ads more value to your Ad. The more likes you have under the ad the more other people are going to consider it interesting

2. Choose Your Target Audience

There are a lot of options carefully go through it and choose who you would like to see your ad. Starting from which country you would like your target audience to be living in. Should they be college Grads on undergrads. Which Keywords you would like your Ad to be shown for. Should they be in a relationship or not be in a relationship. Should they be friends of yours or friends of your friends. All of this will help you narrow down your Ad to make sure it is reaching your target audience. You don't want to spend money on clicks that are irrelevant.

We suggest your spend time at this section and go through all your options. Also try to get a study done on the most important keywords. what are FB users searching for the most and try to fit your Ad into those keywords.

If you do not want to use a certain option just leave it blank.

3. Campaigns and Pricing.

You can now choose between Pay Per Click (CPC) also known as Cost Per Click and Pay Per Impressions (CPM) also know as Pay per Thousand Impression. Or Pay per mile  (Thousand)

In CPC you only pay when a user click an AD in CPM you pay for 1000 impression of your AD. So you decide what suits your campaign better do you want users to actually click on your Ad and visit your site or are you just trying to make users awar of something and spreading the word.

The Minimum cost per day in the US is $ 1. You would also need to specify how long you would like your Ad to run for before paying them.

4. Review Ad. make sure everyting is in order before filling up your Credit Card details. Once you are satisfied click on the Place Order button and your done.

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