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Friday, May 28, 2010

Facebook launches new privacy settings and privacy guide

Facebook has launched privacy settings with a whole new design. When you click on Privacy Settings you are taken to a whole new page where things seem simpler and easier to understand. The options however remain the same and  you need to play around a little to get it right. There is also a guide that has been launched to help explain all of these settings.

To understand each of these settings Facebook has got a page that explains all of this and is available here. We are also posting the guide in this post if you would like to read through it. The New Privacy page on Facebook now looks like this.

Choose Your Privacy Settings

  • Basic Directory Information

    To help real world friends find you, some basic information is open to everyone. We also suggest setting basics like hometown and interests to everyone so friends can use those to connect with you. View settings

  • Sharing on Facebook

    • Everyone

    • Friends of Friends

    • Friends Only

    • Recommended

    • Custom

    • EveryoneFriends of FriendsFriends OnlyOther
      My status, photos, and posts
      Bio and favorite quotations
      Family and relationships   
      Photos and videos I'm tagged in   
      Religious and political views   
      Can comment on posts  
      Email addresses and IM  
      Phone numbers and address  

    Customize settings

    This is your current setting.

Applications and Websites

Edit your settings for using applications, games and websites.

Block Lists

Edit your lists of blocked people and applications.

Controlling How You Share

Learn more about your privacy on Facebook.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Facebook now No 1 in Display Ad publishing in the US

Facebook is now the leader of display Ad publishing now in the US. Ahead of Yahoo and Microsoft. Yahoo Inc which till now has been the leading display ad publisher both in terms of revenue and Ad impressions is now second to Facebook. This is in terms of Ad Impressions as Yahoo still makes more money. Yahoo with it's network of sites which includes other publishers has remained quiet steady so has Microsoft.

Well all this has rumors flying that Facebook might launch an Ad network of it's own. Many publishers will definitely welcome this as most publishers will have a Chance to experiment with a new Ad Network.

Most of the Facebook Display Ads are the ones they call 'Social Ads'. Most tied to pages or profiles in Facebook itself.

With over 400 million users worldwide and still showing no signs of slowing down Facebook is definitely set for phenomenal growth when it comes to Advertising Space.

We do not see Facebook as a Google Ad Network competitor since Google serves search ads and not display ads.

With Facebook's gigantic growth will the world see the launch of a new Ad Network that will take the competition to the gods of Online Advertising.

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