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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mailbox App for iPhone: How does it work

Mailbox the new iOS app is now available for free at the Apple iTunes store. You can get it for free; however there is a waiting list or reservation list, you would need to join. The App is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With the app you can get an easy to use Inbox that works like a breeze. Currently available only for Gmail, the app radically transforms your Inbox into a clutter free zone and you can handle all you mail with only the swipe of your thumb. it is easy to use and has already become popular. So don't waste time, just go and download the App right now.

Better manage your mail with the Mailbox iOS AppsMailbox for iPhone and iPad - How does it work.
1. You would need to first download the app on to your device.
2. add the various email addresses you use.
3. you now get a unified Inbox where all your email is visible.
4. You can choose to browse through all of them or jump into individual accounts
5. Tap on any message to view it - swipe right and the color changes to green if you would rather archive than read. Pull a little further and it changes to red and gets deleted.
6. You can either swipe left on a particular message or tap the clock icon while in message view to put the snooze button on it.
7. Once a message is in snooze mode you can set when you'd like to open that message again. Maybe a month later
8. You can also drag messages around to reorder them.
9. Long swipe left to get to your lists
10. You can also choose to use push notifications.

The app is excellent and it is advised for you to get it now. Download Mailbox iOS app from the App store now.

Check video below to know more

Friday, January 20, 2012

What is LOIC and how does it work

With the Feds shutting down popular locker storage site Megaupload, hacktivist group Anonymous quickly sprung into action to take revenge. They targeted the FBI and Department of Justice websites including Universal music, Warner music and other popular websites. Once they targeted these websites with DDoS attacks. A DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks works on the logic that if enough number of hits go to a popular website it will shut down under its own weight. So when a DDoS attack is on, a particular websites will get so many hits that it begins to crumble becoming slow and unresponsive. 

What is loic and how does it work

To do this Anonymous uses a popular javascript based program developed by 4chan affiliated hackers called LOIC ( Low Orbit Ion Cannon). Group members used this program as well as directing other internet users who support their cause to download and use the program. So once downloaded on a users computer the program will keep sending requests to a particular website and when thousands of people do this all at once. That website can go down.

LOIC is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Windows version of LOIC has something know as a Hivemind. How this works is that once it's downloaded lets you point your copy at an internet relay chat server and once that is done, you can allow someone else to pint your attack to a particular URL, IP or website address. So one mastermind can collectively control thousands of computers. Ensure that all the attacks are being directed at a single website.

Another way Anonymous has been tricking users into targeting website servers is by distributing links via Twitter, Tumblr, pastebin and other popular social sites. Once you click on the link you are automatically part of the program to target websites.  (Here's a link to the Twitter search, just don't click the PasteHTML link. Source)

Will you be prosecuted if you download and use LOIC?
It is unlikely as investigators would conclude that all the computers that were used during the attack might have been part of a compromised botnet. cnet covered this aspect is more detail and you can read more here. Gizmodo says that there is little risk to the user because the attack knocks out servers and the log files do not actually log anything. Plus there is no proof that you computer was not a part of a compromised botnet.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What is Ubuntu and how does it work

Ubuntu is a computer Operating System which has grown in popularity and is currently being used by over 20 million people worldwide. It is totally free and distributed as free and easy to use software for PCs. There is also a server version which can be downloaded and used. It is a Linux based desktop operating system available freely. There is both community and professional support avoidable for it. It is based on the principles of Open Source Software and therefore you are encouraged to use it develop it and pass it on, all this free of cost. 

The Ubuntu project is supported by Canonical Ltd; a UK based company,  owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth and based on the South African philosophy of Ubuntu. The company makes money by providing tech support.

It is free and most importantly easy to use. As you might have already guessed. It was designed to overtake Microsoft Windows as the world's leading desktop operating system. You can download Ubuntu onto a USB drive or CD. You can then run it instead of you current operating system or run it alongside your current operating system. Once you download Ubuntu you will notice that unlike Microsoft where you need to pay for MS Office Ubuntu comes preloaded with basic things like with a word processor (Word), spreadsheet application (Excel), presentation manager ( Powerpoint), PIM client (Outlook), webpage editor (Frontpage), image manipulator ( PhotoShop).

You can try Ubuntu for free now. They also have a page on why you need to use Ubuntu. It is also virus free, which is a huge + point. 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twitter: how do you retweet with a comment

Many uses have asked if this is possible at all. Does Twitter allow you to Retweet with a comment. The Answer is no - this is something that cannot be done on Twitter as of now. What you can do is simply click the Retweet button and retweet a tweet. If however you would like to add a comment there is a simple manual workaround. Copy the whole Tweet, paste it in your tweet box and then add RT in front of it. You must be saying that this is so lame. But that is all that you can do. Once you do this you can retweet with your comment attached. You can also add the @username to ensure that the original tweeters Twitter ID is associated with the Tweet.

Third-party Twitter apps like Tweetdeck have this functionality and allow for Retweeting with comments attached. So for now if you want to Retweet from anywhere else you will have to do it manually. 

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