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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Facebook Timeline: Control who can view your Timeline and make it private

If you are worried that your new FB profile, now known as Timeline is visible to everyone under the 'Public' settings on Facebook, you can change that now. There is a Global setting reserved for who can view your Facebook Timeline and there are three options available. You can choose between 'Everyone', 'Friends' and Friends of friends'. The implications of this setting would be you can set your Facebook Timeline to private and ensure that only your FB friends are able to view your Timeline. If you do not want everyone who visits your profile to view your Timeline you can limit the audience of your Timeline. 

How to adjust your Facebook Timeline visibility settings
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on the down arrow next to the home button
3. Choose privacy settings
4. Beside 'how you connect' click on 'Edit Settings'
5. Beside 'who can look up your Timeline by name or contact info' click on 'everyone'
6. Now you can choose between 'Everyone, Friends or friends of friends'. Choosing everyone would mean anyone on Facebook or people who find your profile through search engines will be able to view your Timeline, if you choose friends then only your pals can view your Timeline. Friends of friends means people who are friends of your pals can also view your Timeline
7. Choose your privacy option
8. Click done and you're done.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Control who can see my friends list on Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline has a feature that is very similar to the one found on LinkedIn. You can adjust your friends list privacy settings and decide who gets to see your list of friends. There are many reasons you might want to do this on Facebook. Many teens have been leaving Facebook and heading to Twitter citing privacy concerns. Now that their parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents have been sending them friend requests. Their space has slowing been slipping away online. Not to worry, the new Timeline does have some good to it and one of them is the ability to hide your friends list from certain people, or make it public and available to everyone or just visible to your friends. You can also make it visible to once certain lists you have like your business list or close friends list, you get to decide and choose.

How to Control who can see my friends list on Facebook Timeline and adjust full friends list privacy settings
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name to bring up your new profile also known as Timeline
3. Click on your list of friends
4. Click on the pencil icon titled 'edit'
5. Click on the Globe Icon
6. You can now choose between public, friends, only me, custom or certain lists only. If you choose custom you can make your friends list visible to certain people or hide it from certain people)
7. Once you make a choice you're done.

Please leave a comment with what you think.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Facebook Timeline Guide

Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook launched Timeline last year with the option for users to try it out, test it for 7 days before it goes live on their profiles. Over the next week whether you are ready or not it is coming to you, once you see the announcement on top of your homepage, you will have 7 days to check it out and delete or remove or add stories to your Timeline. This is going to take many uses by surprise and the rush is going to be on as to how on earth do you get it ready before friends can see your Timeline.

We have a few guides to help you get started and we have them listed below. If you require further guides and lists do let us know in the comment section below.

1. How to delete old posts on Facebook Timeline

2. How to limit the audience of past posts on your Timeline

3. How to upload videos to your Timeline

4. How to add apps to your Timeline 

5. How to get Facebook Timeline right now
6. Difference between delete and hide post on Timeline
7. How to set your full friends list privacy settings
8. How to make sure your Timeline can be viewed only by friends and set it to private. 

A lot of the adjustments you will make will be through the activity log

1. What is the activity log and how does it work? 

2. how to allow, feature or hide posts on Timeline using the activity log. 

Blog Post by Facebook announcing the Timeline now being available globally can be found here

Facebook Timeline: How to videos

Move photos between albums

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook Timeline: How to find and add Apps

Facebook has launched 60 new apps to be made use of your Facebook Timeline. Up until now users were able to share what they were reading or the music their were listening to. This new release now changes everything. Users can now share using apps from from FoodspottingFoodilyTicketmasterPinterestRotten TomatoesPoseKoboGogobotTripAdvisor, and others. So if you love to cook you can share using Foodily, if you like to travel you can use TripAdvisor to share your travels and other travel related info. No matter what your interests are there is an app for you. Whether your like snowboarding, gardening, hiking knitting, collecting stamps. There will eventually be an app available for you.

How to add apps to your Timeline
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on this link to see a list of Apps you can install and use on your Facebook Timeline. If you want to full URl here it is
3. Once you find an app you would like to add click on the 'Install' button.
4. You Done.

Once I install or add an app how do I decide who sees my sharing activity.
1. You can either do this while the app is being installed on Facebook. But if you want to change the settings later you can go here to change settings of each individual app. 
2. You can also do this:

  1. Click the  at the top right of any Facebook page and click Privacy Settings

  2. Under the Apps and Websites heading, you would need to click Edit Settings

  3. Click Edit Settings next to Who can see posts and activity from this app on Facebook?

  4. Click the drop-down button to choose between friends, public of custom

Save your settings and your done.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Facebook Listen with friends: How does it work

Facebook has launched a new feature using its open graph initiative, called 'Listen with', allowing all Facebook users to listen to music with their friends. This is a real-time feature and if when your on your Timeline and you see a music icon next to a friend's name in the chat sidebar. You can click on that icon and listen to music with your friends. You can also chat about the song as it's playing. This is a brand new feature and gives people connected to each other to listen to music together and enjoy the song at the same time. 

How to listen to music together with your friends on Facebook?
1. Login to Facebook
2. Look for the music icon next to your friends name in the Chat Sidebar. 
3. Hover over their name in the chat sidebar or the story appearing in ticker
Click the Listen With (Friend's Name) button that appears beside their name with the speaker icon
If you haven't already opened the same music provider as your friend, click the Open button on the next window. Currently only Spotify and Rdio is being supported. 

Important Q&A
1. How do I share the music i am listening to on Facebook
You will need to authorize the two apps that are being supported right now to post and share the music you are listening to right now on your Facebook Timeline.

2. What music sharing apps and players are currently being supported.
Spotify and Rdio

3. How to control who can view songs I am listening to on Facebook
You will need to go to your Apps setting page on Facebook and set your privacy options to either public, only friends, me or customize it further and the songs you listen to will appear only to people you have selected. To adjust your Music Apps privacy settings please click here

4. How does the app decide which songs to post to my Timeline.
When signing up for the app only posts you share on your Timeline will be visible. So only when you give an app permission to share on your Timeline will the songs you are listening to right now appear there. 

5. How to remove songs from my Facebook Timeline
This can be done by accessing your activity log and removing it from there. Once removed it will no more appear on your Timeline.

read more at the Facebook Blog

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Facebook Timeline: How to upload videos

Now that the new Timeline has been rolled out to everyone. You might be wondering how to upload videos to the Timeline. This question might arise because when you click on the status box and want to upload a video you do not find the upload link. The solution or workaround is actually fairly easy and this is what you need to do.

How to I upload or add videos to my Facebook Timeline
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name to land on your Timeline
3. Click onside the status bar
4. now click on 'Photo'
5. Click on upload 'Video'
6. Click on 'Choose File' to upload a video from your PC, SmartPhone, tablet or other device
7. Click on post and you're done. 
You can also use the link 'Use webcam' to upload directly from your webcam

Please check the video below for more. Also don't forget to leave a comment with your feedback and thoughts on the same.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Facebook Timeline Covers

Facebook Timeline is now always in the news and one of the popular features of the new timeline is the cover. This is the large section where you can place a nice cover for your profile and people who visit your Facebook will see this first. This is meant to make a first impression and set the tone for your Timeline. If you do not want to upload and image of yourself or any other cover photo you might have. There are now many websites online that are offering you free covers that you can use. Some of them are funny, others have attitude and some tell the world that you are the king of Facebook. All to add a little bit of spark and creativity to your new Facebook Timeline. After all this is what people see when they first visit you on Facebook. 

How to install, set up or add a Facebook Timeline Covers
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on 'Add Cover'
3. You can now choose from photos available in your albums or upload a photo.
If you are going to use any of the services mentioned below you would need to select a photo and then follow the process mentioned above to install your new Facebook Cover or banner.

Please find below a lit of websites that offer free Timeline cover images that you can use.
1. A Facebook App that allows you to easily add covers. Once you authorize the app you then have to choose a cover that you like and select it. You will then have to go to your Facebook album and choose the same album and add it as a cover. 
2. allows you to add a cover by selecting an image. Again you will need to go to your photo album titled 'my Facebook cover' to install your cover. 
You can also use the below Facebook pages to search for covers
Facebook Timeline Covers
Timeline Coves
MyFbCovers is also a free service that allows you to use cover images
There you have it, if you think we have missed out a good service that needs to be added to this list. Please do let us know in the comments section below.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Limit the audience of past posts on Facebook

With Facebook's new Timeline rolling out to everyone slowly. Adjusting the default privacy settings of all your past posts, images, photos, videos and other updates can be done with a single click. This is necessary as it is sometimes not psychically possible to go around and change each post individually. With this option you can limit the audience of all your past posts on your Timeline to only friends. Which means friends of friends and the public will not be able to see your posts. With this option you can control the privacy of all your past posts on your Timeline.

Note: If you use this tool then all your past posts will be limited to Friends only. If at a later time you want to change it back to friends of friends or public. You will need to go to each post and change it one at a time. There is no single click to revert to past settings.

How to Limit the audience of past posts on Facebook with a single click
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Cog icon
3. Click on Account Settings

4. Click on Privacy with the Lock Icon

5. Under who can see my stuff. Click on 'Limit past posts'. Agree and save.

Remember that the Global change cannot be undone with one click. Please leave a comment below to further continue this discussion.

What happens when you use the option 'Limit Past Posts'
All your past posts shared with friends of friends and public will now be changed to only friends. This way you can set your Facebook Timeline up and not bother of the past. Grab yourself a clean slate and get on with your activities on Facebook.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get Facebook Timeline on your iPhone or iPod now

The Facebook App for your iOS devices has been updated with the new Facebook Timeline. So you can now grab an iPhone or iPad and go tinker and play with it now. The new version of the Facebook App for the iPhone and iPod is know as 4.1 and comes with a few upgrades and features.

So what's new with the new Facebook App for the iPhone and iPod
1. If you have enabled Timeline it is now available on your iPhone and iPod
2. An update for the iPad is promised in the near future. Not yet available for your iPad.
3. Access to friend's lists, subscribers and subscriptions.
4. Facebook promises better photo viewing and faster performance.

You can get the iPhone App available on iTunes now

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Facebook Timeline: How to change the date of a story, post, image, photo or other updates

while editing and making sure your Timeline appears the way you want it to.You find that a post or a particular story might be in the wrong date. You might actually want it to appear in another month or another years all together. Facebook provides a way for you to change the date of a story or post which coulc include anything from photos to images to videos or any other update found on your Timeline.

To change the date of a Timeline story you would need to:

  1. Hover of the story and then click 

  2. Click  to Change the Date

  3. Enter in a new date and click Confirm to set a new date

Once you change the date on a story your friends will also have the ability to change the date of the story. This is possible if you have tagged them in that photo or video. You can always change back the date whenever you wish.

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Facebook difference between hide from Timeline and delete post

Now that you have started working on your Timeline you might find many stories on your Timeline that you might want to hide and some you might want to delete. Before you do that you would need to understand the deference between deleting a story on your Timeline and hiding a story on your Timeline.The Facebook difference between hide from Timeline and delete post. This is importance because what you do will also effect the Timelines' of your friends.

Facebook difference between hide and delete postDifference between hiding a story and deleting a story on your Facebook Timeline
1. When you hide a story on your Timeline. It will no longer appear on your Timeline but will be be found on your friend's Timeline. If your pal has allowed it on his or her Timeline
2. Deleting a story from your Timeline means that it will be completely deleted from your Timeline and your friend's Timeline's wherever it appears. Deleting is permanently erasing the post from Facebook.

This is because you and your Facebook pals all share many similar stories and are related in someway. Deleting it means it is completely removed from your Timeline and your friend's Timelines. Hiding would mean it still appears on your friend's Timeline. If it is shared story.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Timeline Cover: How does it work

Your Cover is a larger photo of you meant to be on top of your Facebook Timeline. This image is meant to be a representation of you. Therefore images that meant for commercial purposes are not allowed by Facebook. Therefore images that are meant for promotional activities, promotional or copyright-infringing in any way are not allowed.

Purpose of Facebook Timeline Cover:
This is meant to represent you and according to Facebook the best possible cover would be an image from a life-event of yours. Like a wedding pic, holiday snap or a birthday pic. You images needs to be unique and as individualized as you are. Adds for better viewing and sets the tone of people viewing your Timeline. 

What is the minimum image size allowed
Since your cover is going to stretch right across your Timeline, the image will have to be a minimum of 720p.

What if the image I want to upload is less that 720 pixels
You will get an error message and will not be able to upload the same. 

Who can view my cover
Your Cover is public and therefore anyone visiting your Timeline is able to view your cover. Just like your Profile pictures.

How do I see my old cover photos
To view your old cover photos you would need to
1. Click on your Photos Box above your Timeline
2. Located under your Cover photo
3. Find the 'Timeline Covers Photo Album

How do I add a photo to my Cover
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on 'Add a cover'
3. Click on it and then choose between 'Choose from photos' or 'Upload Photo'. With this option you can choose to either use one of your existing photos on Facebook or upload a new one.
4. Save and you're done

How do I edit my Cover photo
1. Go to your Timeline
2. Hover over your cover image
3. Click on 'change cover' at the bottom left-hand side of your photo
4. Choose from either of these options: upload a new photo, reposition your current cover photo, or delete your cover.
5. Save and you're done

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Facebook Timeline: How to Allow, Feature or Hide

If you are on Facebook then there is no escaping from the New Facebook Timeline. Whether you like it or not it is here to say. So you might as well make the best use of it. Your Facebook Timeline is what people get to see when they click on your Facebook profile. It is therefore important that you know how to feature, allow or hide stories, post, images and videos on your Timeline. There is something know as the 'Activity Log' and it is here where you get to choose your Facebook Timeline Privacy settings. What you do here determines what is seen on your New Facebook Profile.

Facebook Activity Log Privacy settings and how to either Allow, Feature or Hide posts, stories and other Facebook activities that relate to you.
Read instructions below to help you make your new profile more impressive to all your pals
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your username
3. Once on your Timeline, click on 'Activity Log'
4. Here you get to see all your stories organized by date. Right from the time you joined Facebook.

5. At the end of each story is a small circle icon
6. Hover over it and you get a heading 'Allowed on Timeline'. Which means this story is on your Timeline
7. Click on it and you get three main options. (1. Featured on Timeline 2. Allowed on Timeline 3. Hidden from Timeline.)
8. If you want to feature that story on your Timeline - choose that option. If you want to remove that story from your Timeline - Click on 'Hidden From Timeline. By default it is on your Timeline based on the fact that it is already present in your Activity Log.


Friday, December 16, 2011

How to delete past posts on Facebook

With the new Facebook Timeline comes added features such as your friends ability to see all your past activity, the stuff you might have hidden for so long. Another problem with the new Facebook Timeline is that if you have previous chosen to hide all 'Like' activities. That has been removed and all you 'Like' activity on Facebook shows up on your Timeline. This is a boon for websites like ours. Since the more likes we get the more popular we are going to become. Anyways back to the topic. Now if you have something you can see on your Timeline that you do not want to be  seeing there. You can get rid of it immediately and not have to worry about it again. 

How to hide or remove any post from your timeline - maybe an embarrassing photo, video or status update

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name which should bring-up your Facebook Timeline. 

3. Hover over the right-hand corner of any post, update, image, video and you should get a pencil menu. This menu has the title ' Edit or Remove'. 

4. Clicking on it brings-up a couple of options. Depending on what type of post you want to get rid of. But you should have the options to either unlike, hide, and delete. Choose the one that best suits you, click on it and confirm.

5. You're done. 

Note: There is now a simpler way to do this. If you want to limit the audience of all your past posts. Please click on this link. We have written this as a separate post and will help you hide all past activities and posts on Facebook with just a few clicks.

Please leave a comment to continue this discussion

How to edit your Facebook Timeline

Now that you have your new Facebook Timeline in place you might be wondering how to edit it and make changes. If you do not have the New Facebook Timeline, please click here for instructions on how to enable it right now. The Facebook Timeline has to do with showcasing you entire activity on Facebook from the time you joined. In fact your timeline starts with the day you were born. Facebook by default have highlighted features, photos and events that they have deemed important and they have actually actually done a pretty good job at it.

How to  edit your Facebook Timeline
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your Name (right-hand corner)
3. Your Timeline should show-up if you have clicked on 'Publish Now'
4. There is a thin blue line that runs right through the middle of your Timeline. Hovering over that line with your mouse means your mouse get turned into a '+'sign
5. Click on the '+' to edit and you can add 
6. You can add a status, photo, place or life event.
7. Click on what you want to add and the rest is simple.

Once you edit your Facebook Timeline you can begin to make things much more interesting for your Facebook pals and add stuff that you know will be of interest to them.

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How to get Facebook Timeline on your Android or Mobile Phone

Image: Facebook Blog

Facebook have rolled out their new Timeline feature, that adds to your profile a complete history of your time spent of Facebook. It starts with the day you were born and then the year your joined Facebook. People who look at your profile can see highlights from all your years of activity on Facebook. To read more about it, please click here. So if you have enabled the New Facebook Timeline on the web you can also do so now on your Android and other Touch phones. Timeline is not yet available on iOS devices but iPhone and iPad users can still see how it looks on their touch devices.

So how does mobile timeline work on Facebook
1. Starts with your cover photo
2.  You'll see you photos, life-events and other feature stuff as it happened on Facebook.
3. Photos and other albums are horizontally swipeable
4. View multiple photos or post inline without leaving timeline
5. Swipe through views on the top of timeline to navigate maps, photos, subscriptions and more. 
6. Your photos appear much large with more visual room

Mobile timeline is now available on mobile touch devices using, and Facebook for Android (version 1.8.1). Use the link above to point your mobile device and start using Facebook Timeline on your SmartPhone.

Source: Facebook Blog

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to get Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline has now been rolled out to all users. Introduced during the F8 conference, the new Facebook Timeline is a whole new way to view your public timeline. Once you activate and get the new timeline, you will be able to view all your activity in a whole new way, presented chronologically. You also get something called the activity log which enables you to features what stories and posts you want to appear on your public timeline.

Facebook Timeline comes with a seven day grace period which gives you the time to review everything properly before it goes live on the site. Once you are satisfied, know that in seven days people will be able to see your timeline.

So if you want the new Facebook Timeline on your Android or Mobile device please go here
To enable, activate, start or get the new Facebook Timeline on your profile please go here, scroll all the way down and click on 'Get Timeline'. Enjoy your new Timeline and please leave feedback in the comments section below.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Facebook Activity Log: What it is and how it works

The Facebook activity log is a feature found in your Facebook timeline. The name itself suggest what the feature would be associated with - Your entire activities on Facebook from the beginning of time. So what all can you do with this feature.

1. Scroll through a history of all your activity on Facebook

2. View and approve your pending posts

3. Filter the type of activity you see, eg. see either all your status updates or all the links you've shared. 

4. Choose which stories are featured on your Timeline.

This is the place you would need to go to decide what to display on your Facebook timeline. So as soon s you get the new Facebook timeline in your profile this will become a very important part of your Facebook Timeline setup.

How to adjust your activity log settings on Facebook. Choose what stories appear, who you want to share with. Delete posts and how to remove an App from your account.

You can also click the  to the right of each story. Depending on the story type (ex: status update, photo, app story), you may have the option to:

  • See the audience you shared

  • Delete posts

  • Report a post or mark it as spam

  • Change the date of a story

  • Remove an app from your account

How to adjust your posts and locations on the Facebook timeline. 

To view the location of a post (if available) or any Likes and Comments, look for the  underneath the post itself (ex: the photo thumbnail). Hover over these icons to see a summary of the information (ex: the names of who commented), or click the icon to see details (ex: what the comments were).

Read more at the Facebook help center

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happens when I add someone to the Restricted List on Facebook

The ever useful Facebook restricted list. Created especially for your boss and other friends and people who might fall into similar categories. We have already covered the topic on how to add people to your restricted list. So every users on fb has one or two people who might go into that list. Essentially it ensure mostly that those posts of yours that should not be seen by those people are not seen.


what happens when i add someone to the restricted list on facebookThis is what happens when you add someone to the restricted list on Facebook

1. They can only see content you have shared publicly

2. They can see posts you tag them in

3. If you post a photo in which your boss is also in. Your boss will not be able to see the photo unless you tag your boss in.

4. If someone else tries to tag your boss in one of your photos. You will first need to approve this tag in your pending posts. This is also known as Facebook Profile Timeline review. This option comes with the new Facebook and we have already covered it here


What is Profile Timeline Review on Facebook

Facebook has something known as Timeline Review. This is a privacy option that lets you approve or reject posts that you've been tagged in before they get posted to your Profile Timeline. Now this is an option you might want to turn on to ensure that nothing gets posted to your profile timeline especially if you have been tagged in it. Now if this post is turned on posts that your friends post wills till appear in other people's timeline but not in your and minus your tag. When you have a post to approve it will appear in your Activity Log on the posts section of your timeline. All this if you have upgraded to timeline.

To always review pending posts from anyone, including your friends:

  1. Click the account menu  at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Privacy Settings => How Tags Work =>Edit Settings.

  2. Click to edit your Profile (Timeline) Review setting.

  3. Turn on Profile (Timeline) Review.

To only review pending posts from non-friends:

  1. Click the account menu  at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Privacy Settings => How Tags Work => Edit Settings.

  2. Click to edit your Profile (Timeline) Review setting.

  3. Turn off Profile (Timeline) Review. When Profile (Timeline) Review is off, FB will only ask you to approve pending posts from people you're not friends with. Your friends' tags won't need your approval.

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