Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Timeline: How to Allow, Feature or Hide

If you are on Facebook then there is no escaping from the New Facebook Timeline. Whether you like it or not it is here to say. So you might as well make the best use of it. Your Facebook Timeline is what people get to see when they click on your Facebook profile. It is therefore important that you know how to feature, allow or hide stories, post, images and videos on your Timeline. There is something know as the 'Activity Log' and it is here where you get to choose your Facebook Timeline Privacy settings. What you do here determines what is seen on your New Facebook Profile.

Facebook Activity Log Privacy settings and how to either Allow, Feature or Hide posts, stories and other Facebook activities that relate to you.
Read instructions below to help you make your new profile more impressive to all your pals
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your username
3. Once on your Timeline, click on 'Activity Log'
4. Here you get to see all your stories organized by date. Right from the time you joined Facebook.

5. At the end of each story is a small circle icon
6. Hover over it and you get a heading 'Allowed on Timeline'. Which means this story is on your Timeline
7. Click on it and you get three main options. (1. Featured on Timeline 2. Allowed on Timeline 3. Hidden from Timeline.)
8. If you want to feature that story on your Timeline - choose that option. If you want to remove that story from your Timeline - Click on 'Hidden From Timeline. By default it is on your Timeline based on the fact that it is already present in your Activity Log.



  1. In Activity Log, II do not get the difference between "featured" and "allowed" on Timeline. If "allowed", it is already "featured", right?

  2. When a story is on your Timeline it is allowed. When you feature a story it spreads right across your Timeline the entire width. So this will become a story that is hard to miss.

  3. It doesn't allow me to change it to "hidden" or "feature".  Delete is the only other option.  Plus, you can't delete that you "liked" a comment without "unliking" it and you can't delete that you posted on someone's wall on your feed without also deleting the post on that person's wall.  It sucks.

  4. if your comment is on timeline , u have allowed it will this mean its public ?

  5. same here, cant change it. pissing me off

  6. Flemming ChristiansenApril 2, 2012 at 6:20 AM

    I would like to show my activities. But they don't show up on Timeline. 
    When I hover over the icon in my Activity Log it says "allowed on Timeline" although it's not there!!!. And I don't get the choice between 'featured', 'allowed' or 'hidden' - the only choice is to unlike, delete etc.