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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Google Ads to get a “mute this ad” [x] icon

Google is a company that is built on and thrives on Ad Revenue. Yes, it is a search engine among other things but all of itss revenue is Ad Generated and the company has been trying real hard to get their ads better and better and in fact making them more user friendly. If you are a regular YouTube user you know how you can skip ads, these in YouTube parlance are known as TrueView ads. Users who see Google Adsense ads are familiar with the 'Ad Choices' that appear on the top of these ads. Clicking on Ad Choices will take you to a page where you can choose what type of Ads you might like to see. This might be a way to persuade people from using Ad blocker. A lot of our favorite sites on the internet are available for free. All you need to do is put up with the ads. It is no use using ad blocker and using a service for free. If everyone did this then most of your Social Sites will need to shut-shop and quit. Reddit users are familiar with the 'Thank you for not using Adblock' ad that comes from Reddit. In fact they are so grateful that instead of an ad you might get a squirrel eating a nut or a smiling cat. 

Anyways, continuing further - Google Adsense Ads are going to get an (x) or mute this ad icon. This will be available over the next few weeks. How this is works is that when a user click on the (x) mark they will be able to must ads from that particular campaign. They will also see a page confirming that the ad campaign has been muted and also a link to Ad Preference manager. Where they can choose categories of ads they would like to see. This brings interactivity to their ads and also might increase creativity among advertisers who are creating ads. Do let us know what you think about this option from Google, in the comments section below.
Source: Google Adsense Blog

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to upload videos to YouTube

YouTube the most popular video sharing site on the internet has now made it even more easier to upload videos. There are many reasons why you might want to upload videos to YouTube. You can share videos with your friends, create the next viral video hit on the internet. most important of all many people upload videos to YouTube to earn money. If you videos are popular YouTube will invite you to share in the revenue generated from your videos. If you allow ads to be displayed. There are three ways to upload videos to YouTube 1. Upload form your computer.2. Record from webcam 3. drag and drop

How to upload videos to YouTube
1. Login to YouTube. (You will need an account, a Google account will do)
2. Click on upload videos. Link found beside the search bar, top right-hand corner.
3. You can now use the 'Select files form your computer' link, or record from webcam or simply drag and drop a video anywhere on this page to start an upload.
4. While your video is being uploaded you will need to fill in the title of the video, description, tags, category, licence and rights ownership.

Advanced Settings:
This will allow you to decide whether you want comments to be allowed on your video. Syndication - this option lets you choose if you want your video to be made available on mobile devices and TV. Use this option to turn it off if you do not want this to happen. This is because if you do not want television channels to use your video this option needs to be turned off. Choose if people can embed your video on their websites and blogs. You can also decide if this video needs to be available in 3D. 

Once your done click on 'Save Settings" and you're done. Check out the video tutorial below.

Video: How to upload videos to YouTube


Friday, March 30, 2012

YouTube has a turn the lights back on button for better cinema viewing

A video with the lights off - switch in front of video title.

YouTube has a new button which enhances your cinema viewing experience. This button looks like a good old switch - the physical one people used to have in the homes, once one you push up to turn out the lights and push down to turn them back home. This enhances your YouTube viewing experience in many ways. For one thing when you are watching a videos on YouTube, which the video is playing, your entire computer screen still has light once you turn the lights off only your video has light while the rest of the screen goes dark. With the turn the lights off button you can now cut the light of the rest of the screen and it becomes like a dark curtain and you can then continue enjoying your video. 

How to tun the lights off when watching a YouTube video

Once you start playing a video and you notice that it has a switch icon before the title on the left-hand side. You can toggle between turning lights on and off.

This is especially if you are watching a soap, movie, music or a documentary on YouTube. The video site has become the primary destination on the web. If you're wondering how many videos are watched everyday on YouTube, the answer is 4 billion. If you're wondering how many unique visitors a month, that would be 800 million. The numbers are staggering and with the new Lights off button YouTube seeks to enhance users viewing experience and make it more like cinema. 

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Follow the Ski Channel on YouTube to keep up with all things Skiing

Image Credit: Colorful Trips

In your search for epic powder you might have wondered here looking for fresh snow. Even though the seasons have changed and you are out of snow at your place. The YouTube channel 'The Ski Channel' will help you stay up to date with all that is happening around the world in relation to skiing. So whether you are looking for the best Ski Resorts, how to ski or the latest ski gear being used by fellow shredders around the world. The Ski Channel on YouTube has a lot to offer.

The Folks over at the Ski Channel have partnered with Epic Planks to create a new series called 'Germination'. Which will help you follow all the world series on the web. The channel will features some of the best young shredders around the world doing what they do best on the coolest slopes and most creative urban environments. The Ski Channel on YouTube is actually a free a free ad supported channel delivered on Cable, Satellite and IPTV apart from other means of distribution. Now with a Web Series on YouTube to keep all those YouTubers happy. The ones that like Skiing, Snowboarding and white slopes. Check out the latest CatSkiing operations in the video below.
The Ski Channel on YouTube

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

YouTube: How do I delete or remove a video

In today's YouTube help section we will cover how to delete a YouTube video. If you are reading this you probably already have a YouTube channel and have started uploading videos. There are many reasons why you might want to delete one or more videos that you might have uploaded. Maybe unknowingly you upload a video that is copyrighted and according to YouTube's TOS that is illegal. The service has become very strict and seeks to implement all copyright laws. Maybe you are not happy with a video and you would rather take it down and re-upload it. The are many reasons why you might want to delete or remove a video you have uploaded. So here's down to delete a YouTube video. You can only delete videos you uploaded yourself. 

How to delete, remove or take-down a YouTube video
1. Login to YouTube
2. Click on your YouTube user name or channel name which is found on the top right-hand corner.
3. From the drop-down menu click on Video Manager
4. Tick the box next the video you want to remove

Image: YouTube help section

5. Next, click the down-arrow beside actions or click on actions button
6. From the drop-down select Delete

7. You're done

Your video will be immediately deleted and not available for viewing. It may take sometime however to stop showing up in search results as the servers get updated. Please add a comment below to continue this discussion.
Read more at the YouTube help section

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YouTube India add popular TV shows to watch online

So if you are in India one thing that is really popular among all regional languages is people who love to watch their favorite TV shows. These are Indian soap operas that completely dominate a large part of the Indian population. There are a whole lot of stay-at-home mums and other people who cannot go a day without the favorite family drama soap opera's which are available in all languages and dominated by Hindi family dramas that people just cannot live without.

This is all now available for free on YouTube so if you missed your favorite episode, you can always tune in to YouTube to watch it later or the next day. If you choose your country location as India and click browse you will see that YouTube's most popular videos in India belong to the category of TV serials and soap operas. So the next time you miss your MTV Roadies action show, it can be found on YouTube. There are a whole lot of categories that YouTube have used Channels to organize all these TV shows. Subscribing to a channel will ensure that you receive an email each time a new episode if uploaded and available for viewing. Reality, Drama, Comedy, Entertainment, Reality & Game shows, Classic TV, Soaps, Action & Adventure, Beauty, Fashion and Health & Fitness. So Click on the link below to watch your favorite TV show on YouTube. YouTube also has a section to watch popular Bollywood movies in India. Logging in to YouTube with region as India now has a link right on top called 'TV Shows' clicking on it will take you to all the TV shows and channels available.
Watch TV Shows on YouTube India

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to turn-off, stop, disable or prevent YouTube from storing your video view history

YouTube has a history section for you to go to whenever you want to find a video you had watched in the past. Once you login to your YouTube account clicking on your Channel name will bring up the history section. Selecting this section will bring up a list of all video you have viewed on YouTube. This is a handy little application that all users can make good use of. However if you do not want to YouTube to remember the list of videos you have used there is an easy way to stop it.

How to stop YouTube from storing my video view history
1. You can go to your video view settings page
2. Selecting 'Pause Search History" will essentially stop YouTube from storing your the history of your video views. 

Stop YouTube Watch history
How to clear all video search history on YouTube
1. On the same page click on 'Clear All Watch History'
This will clear all your video view search history. You can also use the selection tool to remove individual videos from your search history.

Video below if you want the visuals

Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to skip through YouTube videos using the number keys

This is a simple trick that can be done easily with many benefits to it. For starters if you want to save bandwidth and watch only the important part of a videos this trick works really well. If you want to just skip through a video and see if it is really interesting then this will work for you. There maybe many others reasons not covered here but the functionality is great and will help you to skip through videos and gauge if the video is really worth the time you are going to spend watching it.

How to skip through YouTube videos.
1. Start a YouTube video
2. With your mouse click inside the video. You know when you click on a video inside the player, it pauses it.
3. Now you can use your number keys to skip through the video. if you click 3 it goes to 30% and the same thing goes for numbers 1-9. So if you click 8 it goes to 80% of the video

That's it, this is just s simple trick to help you browse through videos and checking them out without having to spend you time watching the whole video. If you are an avid YouTube user you know there is this popular comment 'This video was not worth the last 2 minutes of my life'. This and many similar comments are something all YouTube users are familiar with. Use this trick for fast and easy viewing. 

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Friday, December 2, 2011

YouTube New Look

Finally the new YouTube has been rolling out to users across the world. The first thing you notice with the new look is that YouTube has gone from more white to dark and grey. The internet's most popular video site seeks to become more popular with the ability to watch videos easily and bring in more users. With this Google'S YouTube seeks to also make more money through it's Ad programs. With the new look YouTube will also be bringing more original video creators to the website. 

when you login you will notice that there are 3 columns, Add Channels, Subscriptions and recommendations. Clicking on Add Channels will show you a whole list of channel you might find interesting. This is recommended to you by YouTube based on your likes and dislikes and surfing habits. Subscriptions will contain all the videos from channels you have subscribed to. Recommends, are videos recommended by YouTube which again is based on your likes, videos your frequently watch and region.  

Clicking add channels will show you a whole list of channels you can choose from, from blogs to personal vloggers to film and TV, the list is endless. No matter what your interests are the site covers everything from Tech to Social Media to funny animals to science. 

Playing a video now has a black background and the entire page has a light grey shade. There will be a lot of debate for sure in the coming weeks between people who like it and people who want the old YouTube back. For now we can say that the interface is clean and has the look of a video site. With emphasis on watching - therefore the black background to each video which kind of resembles sitting back and watching a movie in a theater. 

Please let us know what you think about the new design and look in the comments section below. 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to add a YouTube video to your site or blog

YouTube being as it is the most popular video destination on the web, means that videos related to just about anything make it to the site. It is therefore important for site and blog owners to know how to embed these videos on their blogs and sites.

There are many uses when these videos are embed on your site posts. If you are a blog or site about mobile phones then if you are writing about the new phone in town and you want your readers to see a video on the same. you can be sure it will be found on YouTube. If you are also a How To site or blog and you need related videos then you can find and embed the same on your site from YouTube.

How to embed a YouTube video on your site or blog.

1. Choose the video you want to embed on your site or blog.

2. Click on share below the video

3. Click on embed

4. Copy the code highlighted in blue and paste in in your website or blog. 

5. You have a lot of options to get the size to fit into your post or page. You can also manually change the height and width. On this blog we use Height = 315 and width = 500. This fits in correctly into our posts and works well for everyone.

6. You're done, please share your thoughts and suggestions below.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

100 New Channels Coming to YouTube

YouTube has reportedly paid $100 million to bring a 100 new channels to YouTube. The Channels will all host original content and brings with it the star power of Hollywood. YouTube will be able to recover the money through Ad Sales it is said. The channels will include popular media from Reuters, the WSJ, Slate, The Onion, Ashton Kutcher, and Shaquille O'Neal. The advance has been laid out with these content creators and in the near future we can hope to see a lot more entertaining stuff on YouTube. According to reports many of these channels are likely to be launching next month and continuing through 2012. This will definitely increase viewership and not to mention ad spending dollars by companies seeking to get mileage out of it. YouTube has launched a lot of initiatives to help out original video content creators as more and more ad spending goes to videos. With all the tablet devices available it is only reasonable to assume that a lot of time is spent in consuming videos. 

Via: LATimes

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to do if someone steels you video on YouTube

There have been many users who have had their video stolen and uploaded by someone else on their channel. The surprising thing is that person might be getting more view and more comments. This seems to irk many video creators. Creating video takes a lot of creativity and genius, especially if you have the ability to create viral videos. Whatever may be the case people do steel video on YouTube and worse upload it to their channels. Now this might come as a surprise to some but when you signup on YouTube and start uploading videos. You consent that other users might do as they please with your videos. This is part of YouTube's Terms of Use item 6C. Which States 'You also hereby grant each user of the YouTube Website a non-exclusive license to access your User Submissions through the Website, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such User Submissions as permitted through the functionality of the Website and under these Terms of Service'. 

So before you lodge a complaint against the person who is stealing and using your videos, you will fist have to delete all those videos off YouTube. After you have done this you can make a complaint either by email or snail mail. You will also need to furnish enough proof of ownership of the video. It is also known as Copyright Infringement Notificaion. 

This is pretty much it and if you find someone else downloading and using your videos the above two steps is what you need to follow to raise a formal complaint. Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts on the same. 

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Monday, October 24, 2011

YouTube Creator Playbook: Teaches you how to build a successful and profitable YouTube channel

The very first edition of the YouTube Creator Playbook is out. This has been developed and created by YouTube to help content creators like yourself. People who have created and run successful YouTube channels have made this their business. There is a lot of money to be made if you can create great content and videos. YouTube has this new playbook to help you. Some of the tips given include creating a video a week. This is important because if you have a large number of subscribers then a good video every week adds to your credibility and as the word spreads you will get more fans, subscribers and followers.

Another thing to remember is to interact with your community. You have subscribers on your YouTube channel who are leaving comments, it's a good idea to interact with your community. There are a lot of tips and tricks to help you build great videos and a great channel on YouTube. If you are one of those people who want to make a career out of creating content or you simple like making videos. Then this is one ebook you might want to go through. As YouTube shares some of the best practices and ideas that make people successful on YouTube. If you search on Google you will find people who have been successful on YouTube that they have been able to give up their jobs and concentrate on just this fun thing.

Another tip that comes out of this book is the fact that you need to tell your subscribes when to expect a new video. And the best YouTube channel to illustrate this is the illustrious Ray William Johnson's channel.  

Download the Playbook now.  Source: YouTube blog

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to connect YouTube with Google+

Connecting your YouTube account to Google+ has two main advantages. You can share stuff right from YouTube to Google+ without leaving the site and you can also see what your Google+ friends are sharing right on YouTube. You decide which of your YouTube actions you would like to share on Google + and right now Autoshare is not available. Since the feature allows sharing right from YouTube it cuts down on time wasted by leaving the site and then going to Google+ to share YouTube content. This is especially helpful for YouTube video makes who have a large following across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can share videos and also other action. You will need to tick the check boxes provided to select which of your actions gets share on Google+

How to connect your YouTube and Google+ accounts

1. Login to YouTube

2. Click on account settings (Top right-hand corner)

3. Click on sharing. Right-hand side toolbar

4. Click on 'Connect' next to Google+

5. Save Changes

6. You're done

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YouTube Merch Store

YouTube has just announced the launch of 'The Merch Store', Symbolizing 'Merchandise'. The store gives artists and content creators the ability to sell merchandise right from their YouTube Channel Page. Fans visiting their favourite channels do not need to go to an external website to buy T-Shirts they can do so right from YouTube. Artists and content creators can offer digital downloads, concert tickets and even unique experiences like meetups. This comes as a boon for all those popular YouTube Channels, who till now had to rely on external websites to see merchandise to their fans. YouTube says all this is made possible through strategic tie-ups with  Topspin for merchandise, concert tickets and experiences; Songkick for concerts; and iTunes and Amazon for music downloads. YouTube has also indicated that only a small percentage of sales will be taken to cover costs of the new feature. YouTube will be rolling out the merch store over the next several weeks and announcing Global Partnerships. 

Source: YouTube Blog

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

YouTube now offers movies for rent in the UK

YouTube first offered full length feature films for rent in the US and then in Canada. The renting service now comes to the UK. Britons can now rent and watch full length feature films and movies on YouTube. YouTube also says that many of these movies come with extras like behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with the cast, documentaries, parodies and remixes. The partners providing movies for the UK service include Universal, Lionsgate, Entertainment One, and independent British film makers, Metrodome and Revolver Entertainment.

How YouTube rentals work

YouTube rent works essentially like video on demand. You click to play and you will be asked to pay a price, something that the uploaded has fixed. Once you pay the movie will be available to watch for however long the uploaded or partner has sent. Sometimes it could be forever and the movie will always be available for you to watch.

Source: YouTube Blog

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wilbur Sargunaraj India's original YouTube viral hit maker

Wilbur Sargunaraj is considered by many to be one of India's original YouTube stars. The thing about his videos is that it is very down to earth and involves using everyday common people. The locations are also as original as can be. There is no makeup and the star from the south of India. Films all his videos on location in actual places. He has also gained fame and popularity in Canada and the UK. Where his music shows run to large enough audiences who want a good laugh and some down to earth music. The understand the humor you would need a context and that would be South-India and knowledge of the way English is spoken here. Yes it is very different and grammar mistakes galore. That's what makes it fun though and it is worth checking out. If you are not familiar with the culture prepare for a little bit of a shock. His YouTube channel has over 4 million hits and well not too big you might say, but for an artist that keeps everything ordinary this is quiet a feat. He is not the largest YouTube channel in India but one of the most original. Check out his YouTube channel here and his website here

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Monday, August 29, 2011

YouTube Hacked - Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Rihanna targeted

After the Justin Bieber VEVO channel gets hacked it is Lady Gaga's Bad Romance to go missing on YouTubeVEVO. The hacked has smartly chosen the biggest fan bases online to mess with. Someone is having a lot of fun somewhere as they look at the Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga fans go gaga all over Twitter and other social media sites. Apparently it does not stop there as Bruno Mars and Rihanna's videos have also been taken down. YouTube has not been able to get all the videos back up and it is going to take some time. How many more artists music is going to go missing is anyone's guess.

The hacked many are saying is a kid but there are no confirmations as yet. The news is all over Twitter as fans were the first to notice and report it.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to start a Google+ Hangout on YouTube

Google+ has now expanded and come to YouTube. Now whenever you are watching a video you also have the ability to share the same with your friends and start a hangout. It is also real simple and easy to use and you can set it up in seconds. You can now share and watch videos with your friends right form YouTube.

How to start a hangout on YouTube
1. Click on Share underneath the video you are watching
2. Click on 'Start a Google+ Hangout' located on the bottom right-hand corner
3. Another windows opens for you to add your circles and friends to the hangout
4. Click hangout
5. You're done

The YouTube video you want to share automatically starts playing and your friends and you can view the same and just, well, hangout.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YouTube agrees to pay music publishers and songwriters royalties

YouTube has become the No.1 destination on the web for music. Users can visit the site and start listening to songs for free with the hassle of signing-up and other formalities that might have existed had there not been a YouTube. The site is known for its users generated content and as a result a lot of the stuff that gets uploaded does not belong to the person who uploads it. Users post original videos and songs, covers by bands and original songs with user created videos. As a result the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), a group that represents hundreds of songwriters and music publishers have been involved in a four year litigation against YouTube. Both parties have not reached a settlement with YouTube agree to pay royalties.

The points for which royalties will be paid are listed below.
1. From songs posted to YouYube, whether the post contains the original video or a users generated one.
2. YouTube has created a licence agreement option for songwriters and music publishers
3. They will receive royalties from Ads that YouTube runs with the videos.
4. YouTube will use content ID to verify all claims. 

This comes as good news for both songwriters and YouTube's creative community who create material that draws people to the site. In fact much of the popularity is because of user generated content, although everyone involved needs to stand to gain. 

This has now opened-up a whole new world for songwriters and publishers who now can continue to receive royalties for the original work, which is good because all artists need to be respected and rewarded.

Source: YouTube

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