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Sunday, February 19, 2012

YardShare to find free landscaping and garden ideas from homeowners and companies

Source: YardShare idea

If your thoughts turn towards gardening and yards and you spend a lot of time thinking about your garden, you might want to check out YardShare. The social network for people who like landscaping and gardening. You can use the network to find some fantastic ides for your front yard, side yard and backyard. These ideas are shared by fellow gardeners and landscape artists and companies. If you often wonder where to find free landscaping ideas then this is a place you will find very helpful and useful.

YardShare: how does it work

You can login with your Facebook or Twitter account to get started. Once you in you can create your own yard and post pictures of your yard for other users to see. You can also browse yards or check some out by experts. Landscaping ideas from companies and professionals. You can send messages to other yard owners and get a conversation going. There are also a lot of contests you can enter. 

Creating a garden has always been the past time of countless civilizations and each different culture has had different styles and shapes of gardens they have liked. It's something that gives people a lot of peace and countless hours of satisfaction. So if gardening and landscaping is your thing, join the social network, to meet other people with the same interests, get free landscaping ideas and network with landscaping artists and companies.


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Liveshare: How does it work

There are many destinations on the web for you to upload your photos and share with family and friends. You have Picasa, Flickr and even Facebook, these sites allow you to upload your photos and then share it with family friends or specific people. Liveshare does all this for you with one big difference, it allows real-time sharing. This means you can create a stream and invite your friends to join-in, in that stream. Let's say you are your pals are on vacation and  all of you, can together keep uploading photos or videos to that stream. The photos or videos show up real-time and is available for all to see. So there is one photo or video stream but many contributors. These stream can either be public or private. So while all of you'll are uploading photos or videos people in that stream can check it all out at once, like one big giant album. There is no need to go to each friends profile (Think Facebook) to check out their personal collection of the holiday photos.

You can create either private or public stream. If you create public streams, like when you go for a concert, you can invite everyone at the venue to feel free to contribute to the stream. This way you get a whole lot of people at the concert to add their photos and videos and this really generates a crowd-sourced album for all to check out and enjoy. If you create a private stream you can share it with a few people and only show them photos or videos you want them to see. All of this is synced with the cloud so you and your friends can view stream no matter where you are. There is an iOS app and so your photos can be uploaded from your iPhone or iPad. There is also an Android App available. You can views photos and albums using any modern web-browser. 

To get started

Visit Liveshare on the net

click on upload photos

select photos to upload (works real quick)

Name your stream

choose private or public

Share with friends

That's it - real fast and fun

Liveshare iOS App
Liveshare Andriod App
Live Share is brought to you by Cooliris

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bitcasa promises infinite storage on your Desktop for $10/month

Bitcasa  is promising unlimited storage on your Desktop. The service is still new and if you do not have an invite, you will need to add your mail ID and wait for an invite. It is all the talk of the town because Bitcasa is promising infinite storage capacity on your desktop. What this means is that once you install the desktop-app, you can create a folder and add all your files to this folder. This is the Bitcasa folder and you can store  movies, music, photo albums in this folder it all gets uploaded to the cloud  and no memory is used on your Hard-drive. The added advantage of sharing your files easily with your friends and family. Once you share the link they can watch that movie, listen to music or view your photo albums without having to download the files. 

Bitcasa: How does it work
1. Once you sign-up for the service you can then download the app and use it as another folder available on your computer
2. You can add all your files to this folder - music, movies, pics, software and just about anything
3. Once uploaded to the cloud it is all stored in the cloud and does not take-up any of your disk-space locally.
4. You can also cloudify your USB, Pen Drive and external hard-drives and store them in the cloud. This way all your info is available to you to use even if your external hard-drives are not with you.
5. All the files you upload are stored in the cloud
6. The app will use a local cache and you can adjust the size of this cache. This is needed so even if you connection drops your file remains.
7. There is also a web interface for you to access all your files online from anywhere
All data is encrypted and transferred securely
8. Available for Windows and Mac
9. Price: $10/month for unlimited storage with is pretty decent.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Summly: How does it work

Summly is an iPhone App launched by 16-year-old programmer, Nick D’Aloisio. The mobile app is very simple in it's working. Basically when you search for something on the app you are returned a set of search results that come with an automatic summary. So once you enter a search term the app will fetch you all the results and summarize all of them. So before heading over to the result you get a complete summary of what to find in the article or news-report. According to the folks over at Summly, their technology goes through the search results, highlights important sentences from the source and seek to bring you an exact summary before you open the search result page. 

The app is language-independent and works best with newsarticles and search results written in a very informative way. The way we look at it is that it kind of works like Google's arrows that appear when you hover over search results. You get a preview of the article with your search terms and where they appear. You kind of get a good view of what you are about to view and then decide if you really want to click on that link. Summly is receiving quiet a few good reviews but there are also some who say that the summaries are not all that great and can kind of mix it up a little.

Summly is a free App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5. You can download it now and check it out and see if it really is as good as it claims to be. Please leave a comment with your feedback.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Rock The Post: How it works is by bringing Entrepreneurs, Talent and Investors together

Rock The Post is a Business Social Network which aims to bring together entrepreneurs with great ideas into contact with funding parties to help take ventures to the next level. This is a novel idea as people who have great ideas are always looking for a platform to meet with an pitch their ideas to people who have the cash to back them up. This is an amazing concept and there must be a lot of good that is going to come out of this Business Social Network. The goal of the network is quiet simple to bring like minded people together on a single sharing platform. In the larger sense this will help people who are looking to fund new and innovative projects into contact with people who have new and maybe the next big project.

Rock The Post: How to find an investor or someone with a bright idea
Once you create an account you will then have to start off with your post. when you click on Post, you will see a list of post by people who are already using the service. It is quiet interesting to see all the many ideas floating around. Next you can click on 'Create Post' and add one of your own. Your post can be about your business venture, artistic creation or field of expertise. These post are organized by business categories and can be of two types. Pledges and Investments - so you can ask people to either pledge their time, resources or money. There are also forums and events to helps users connect with each other. 

So if you're the one with all the bring ideas and need some people to collaborate with then Rock The Post is definitely worth a check out. If you do visit and join do let us know your feedback in the comments section below.
Rock The Post

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Contently: Helping Journalists and Bloggers make money

Contently: How does it work

There is a strong reason for the founders of contently to come up with it. You can sum the whole thing up in the basic philosophy - that large companies always need quality content to be produced regarding their products. One of the best ways to get news out about your company or product is to get people to writ about it and speak about it. One of the best ways to get people chatting about your product is to get a journalist or a blogger - especially one that is well know to write about it. Now getting in touch with a known blogger or journalist can be quiet a tough job and sometimes time consuming. That's why Contently - what it does is connect Bloggers and Journalists with large companies who are in need of content. 

There seems to be a never ending supply of services and goods that are being rolled out everyday. There would be no point to it if there was no one to spread the word. It is also not just about spreading the word and getting people to write about it. Quality plays a very important role in this whole thing. 

So if you are a Blogger or a Journalist you can join Contently right now to showcase your stuff and if you are really good you will get some good writing assignments and make money.  

If you represent a large company that Contently will help you find the best writer. Knowing what you need written, contently can actually zero down on the best writer who is best suited for your assignment. 

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Drumo: Helps you find more info through question and answers about Asia Pacific's largest cities

This web app solves the problem when it comes to finding out more real-time information about your favorite cities in Australia and Asia. So the next time before you travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokoya, Hong Kong or Bangkok, Pay Drumo a visit

Drumo: How does it work
The layout and functionality resembles most other question and answer sites - think Quora. The audience however is a whole other thing. There are people who are visiting or going to visit these cites and can post their questions and get answers from locals. There is a wealth of information and knowledge on the site and you can find out which restaurant to go to, which are the best places for nightlife in the city or find out which places in the city are best for people watching. Locals are also benefited as they are able to find out what's happening in the city and join in on the local scene. With Drumo you can find out where the fun is at and what time it is happening. A great place to find out more about your city and fun spots to be at. 

There are also deals to be had on Drumo. Especially if you are a local and living in that city you can now get your local daily deals from Drumo.

There are also Drumo rewards for asking and answering questions. The more points you earn the more badegts you can unlock.

Drumo is an Australian startup with a strong local Aussie presence on the site.

To know more check the video out below

Drumo from Drumo on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Trapit: Sets a trap to grab the best articles you're interested in and delivers them to you

Trapit is the fresh startup that seeks to ensure that stuff that you are interested i delivered to you online at the time you need it. Trapit is not a search engine in the sense it does not search for everything, it is fine-tuned to search the web for articles and topics that interest you. So when you login you get the best of the web tailored made for you. There are many advantages that this web app brings. If you are really interested in a certain subject or some world happening. You can use Trapit to bring the best content available to you. The search is pretty good and the pages and articles delivered are of high quality.

The founders of Trapit say that the web has a lot more to offer than just what search engines features and what social networks point to. A good example is that just because your friend likes something on Facebook does not mean that is the only or best thing available out there. maybe the links shared by your Twitter friends are not the best links on that particular subject. 

Trapit seeks to play a part here in bringing the best of what the internet has to offer on a particular subject you are interested in. 

How does Trapit work
You login with your Facebook, Twitter or Email account
Search for stuff you are interested in
If something catches your attention use the Trapit button to stop that articles.
A collection of Traps will teach Trapit what you are interested in and the app will start delivering those results to you each time you login.

There is also an activity feed and a reading list you can create

Please use the comments section below to share what you think about it. 

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Storify: Will let you create your own social media story and share with the world

Storify the storytelling web app that lets you tell your social web story and content curate stories that matter to you. Once you start telling your story it can then be shared with other users who in turn can share it with their friends. The good thing about a tool like this is your story can be ongoing and you can update as fast or as slow as is needed. So if you are telling the #occupywallstreet story you can curate all the info and news and build you story-line which gives you a chance to share your vital knowledge with others. Content curation is the big thing and most news now happens on the social web. A lot of important news is now broken by every day users on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which makes sense that everyone with something to say can use Storify to say it.  

The homepage of Storify is filled with stories by it's users and you are sure to find interesting happenings from the world of the social web. 

How does Storify work

1. Click on create a story

2. Add a headline

3. Enter discription

4. Use the buttons on the side to drag real-time news headlines, images, videos to add to your story.

5. Publish.

All your favorite social media sites are available for you to pull content from and start curating your story. You can add tweets from Twitter, videos from YouTube and pull stuff from anywhere off the web. From Google from your RSS reader. All-in-all a great content curation tool that let's you tell a story. 

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Use to create and publish a beautiful webpage in seconds

This is one of the simplest web apps available out there to create and publish a webpage. You might ask why do I need to create a webpage when there are so many blog services I could use. With all the new services that have come with the new web, a page still holds the good old joy of the internet. Creating a single web page can also be very specific. Let's say you want to share info about a concert you have organized. use this service to create a webpage in seconds which can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few services. It is all about speed and when you first go to 

How does work and how to use

all you need to do is to enter your webpage name and a password and you're good to go. All web-pages you create however will have the URL ending with 

If you do have HTML knowledge for creating a webpage you can add your HTML scripts to create a page. Here are a few ideas that has come up with for ways to best use their service.

Publish Essays

Create Pages for Upcoming Events

Share Code Snippets

Publish Ebooks

Share Recipes

There is no end date and so the pages you create are going to stay on the service for as long. If you are done with a page you can then delete. You can also edit your page online and it is all very simple to use. just remember your password and you can edit at anytime. No scripting and other website creating knowledge is required. Simple to use and you can have your poems or ebooks published in seconds. 

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to access multiple cloud files from a single place

Otixo how does it work.

If you are one of those people who have used multiple cloud storage space system to store your large files. Then it is only logical that you would want to have the ability to access all those files from a single place. Otixo is a webapp that lets you do just that. With the service you can access your files stored in services like like Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, MobileMe, FTP,Picasa, Amazon S3 etc from one single place. You can also transfer files easily across cloud services. You can also access and search all your files from a single place without having to download then to your computer first. 

How to transfer files across cloud services.

To get started you will need to associate all your online storage account with Otixo and then you gain easy access to all your files. You can then manage all of them from a single location you can also transfer files across services. Otixo also supports FTP and therefore you can transfer files from your FTP to Google Docs etc.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Publishers can make money from their Captchas

Every internet user knows what a Captcha is - whenever you want to signup for the first time at any website, you would need to type the letters or words that you see in a little box into another little box. Everyone has been there and done that. Turns out that it can be a nice source of revenue and advertising. This is one little words or group of two words that everyone has to stop everything they are doing and read. You need to get those two little words right before you are allowed to signup into websites and social networks. So from an advertisers point of view this should be great advertising and for site and blog owners who have a signup button this has got to be a great source of revenue. 

Solve Media has already taken this concept to the next level and is fully functional with the success of their Toyota Prius Ad Campaign. Check the image to view the Captchar for the Ad. So when visitors needed to signup or signin they had to enter prius goes plural into the box and then gain access. This seems to be a fantastic way to advertise and hold users attention. You know how internet users conveniently ignore ads. This might make up for it. In addition site owners get to make some extra cash and advertisers get something that is sure to catch the eye. 

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

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How to export or import your contacts for free across all platforms

What is Neiio and how does it work

Webapp Neiio is a fast free and easy solution to export or import all your contacts from all your various social networks and mailboxes. Some of us have our contacts scattered across various social networking sites like, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. if they are not on social sites contacts are spread across various mailboxes like Google, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook. Some others have their contacts scattered across mobile phones. Neiio supports importing contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and Outlook.Neiio can also export your contacts to export your contacts to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, vCards or Excel. You can also send the vCard to your mobile phone. Phones supported include Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7.

Neiio also has a smart working system you can organize your contacts into groups before exporting them. Before exporting contacts click on 'Cleaver groups' to create meaningful groups. Like Family, Friends and colleagues. 

Once you go through the process your desired result of merging all your contacts into one list will be accomplished with the least bit of effort and all this is free for you. Neiio also has a paid service for those who would like support for support for CRM platforms - Nelis and SalesForce. 

Neiio - The first free service to update, save and export your address book

To know more about how to use Neiio and how it works check their video out. This web app is still so new that we have not been able to test it out fully. If you do decide to give this a try please be sure to leave information and feedback for everyone in the comments section below. 

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Airtime the start-up from the guys who founded Napster

Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker the original founders of the peer-to-peer music sharing service Napster. have teamed up again to launch another project that has all the potential to go viral. Called 'Airtime' the service is modeled along the lines of Chatroulette with a huge difference. It will be Chatroulette with a social network attached. 

Unlike other social networks and we are not going to mention the names out here. Airtime will introduce random strangers to each other and group people according to common interests. 

The funding money comes from Founders Fund, Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Yuri Milner, Ron Conway, Marissa Mayer, Ashton Kutcher,, Scott Braun (Justine Bieber's agent), and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Look at the star studded list of people who are investing. must have learnt a lot from all the hangouts he has been doing on Google+. This seems to be a venture that can sure get a lot of interest and people who would want to try it out. 

What is Airtime and how does it work

Complete details about the startup are still not clear and the founders do not want to give anything away. It however seems that it will all be around interests and what people like. The ability to find and network with random people and add them to your group and circle of friends. This is all speculation right now but this is the way this project seems to go. 

Check out their website now although there is nothing much to greet you other than 'airtime coming soon'. You can however signup to gain early access.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

giftiki for social gifting

giftiki is a website for social sharing, when you want to give one of your Facebook pals a gift you and your friends can pool in and get that friend a gift.

How does giftiki work

When it's time for all your fiends to chip-in and get that one person a gift, you can use giftiki. The occasion cna be a birthday, wedding, honeymoon or any other occasion. It works on Facebook and a bunch of friends can pool in and get that special someone a gift. Eliminates the need of collecting money especially if your gang is scatted all over the place. 

Uses can give anywhere between $1 and $10 and each gift gets posted to the recipients wall and is accompanied with a message or an icon of a gift, cupcake or banana. The person who receives the gift cannot redeem it for actual cash but can redeem it for an American Express gift card or with online retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Starbucks or Sports Authority.

Giftiki is still in beta but you can connect with your Facebook account to learn more. source: 

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Keek for microvideo messaging Twitter style

So what is Keek and how does it works

Keek is the latest service offering users the ability to share using video. This is a short-messaging for video and therefore has limitations on the length of the video you can share and also the length of the description. Your video can only be 36 seconds long and the text description 111 characters. 

Once you login to Keek you can start of by finding other people and then broadcasting your own Keek. The service allows you to use your webcam and upload a short video to share with other users. Which is being called a keek. You can also keep updating your micro-videos by downloading the Android and iPhone Apps and therefore update your Keeks on the go.

The Purpose: Kind of like Twitter where you can keep all your followers updated constantly using the short messaging service, you can do the same over here only the medium changes. From text to video. You can build a community around your video and add followers. 

If you are wondering what Keek means the site says it is a quick look, peep or a glance. So you can check it out now and share with your family, friends and the world.

There is also a contest being run by Keek where the winner gets $3636 and the second place winner gets $360. All you need to do to enter is to simply signup with your email address. 


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Friday, September 30, 2011

Trippy Let Your Friends Help Plan Your Travel

So when you are undecided on your next vacation and need a travel plan. why not let your friends guide you. Trippy has just launched with this in mind. When you visit the site you are asked to enter your destination fill in the month of your travel and then enter the number of days. If you have no dates as of now you can also click on just dreaming  - no dates yet. You can then signup with your Facebook account.

How does Trippy work

Once you have created your trip you can then share it with your friends. You can share your trip via email, Facebook, or Twitter. I signed in with my Facebook account and created a trip 'Perth'. I was immediately shown a number of friends and family that live in Perth, Western Australia. These friends can help your as they know Perth. So this website can be of immense help. You can then further your plan and break it down day-wise. This was your friends can give you inputs for each day of your planned trip. You can also build your trip album using the Trippy iPhone App. 

Once your friends join you can also help your friends plan their trips and give your inputs. 

Philosophy of Trippy.

Avoid all the clutter and recommendations found online and listen to your friends. They know best and they recommendations will help you. Use your large social base get your friends involved, this is the power of social search and social planning. 

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Parking Panda lets you earn money by renting your parking spot

If you've got a spare parking spot and would like to make some money by renting it out. Parking Panda is the deal for you. With Parking Panda all you need to do is to take a photo of your parking spot and upload it to the site with details such as the dates your parking space would be available and how much you would like to charge. Once the space has been booked and used, the owner will receive a check in the mail with the payment. The site also sports a mobile interface.Parking Panda will take a commission of 20% and the rest is sent to you. 

If you are looking for a parking space you can login to Parking Panda using your phone and you location will automatically be added. All you need to do is search for a space in your desired location and then click on the photo or a location to view more. You can then proceed to book the space for your mobile phone or the web. 

All-in-all a great idea although so simple it will surely be a win-win for all those involved. Parking Panda is currently available in Baltimore but coming soon to D.C. Philly and Boston. 

Parking Panda, you can also visit their Facebook page

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Stipple Lets you earn money by monetizing your photos

Unlike all the businesses on the web especially Getty images, Stipple turns everything around 360 degrees. Stipple will actually pay publishers to use their photos. They have a large collection of of online photos that publishers can use to make money by monetizing the same on their websites and blogs. 

How does Stipple work for publishers

You will first need to apply for an account and once your site or blog is accepted into their program you can then begin to monetize images on your site. Once you place a Stipple dot on your site or blog they become interactive and people can then hover over the images and click the links. Works very well for the fashion and Tech industries. So once a users clicks on the images publishers stand to make money. 

Here is what Stipple says about how it works.

After activating Stipple, publishers are able to quickly label objects in their photos using inline editing controls on the pages where their photos are normally publicly visible. The publisher can place small dots anywhere inside the picture and add some basic information to them. The next time a reader mouses over a picture, dots will appear semi-transparently, letting them discover that additional information. If the reader is interested in something, mousing over the corresponding dot will reveal the added details in a minimal overlay that immediately disappears once their mouse leaves the dot.

How it works for Advertisers

Advertisers can now tell a story and create a brand around images. When a users hovers over their images that has been placed on a blog or website they are show links and other valuable information about the image and other details can also be added. Advertisers selling products and services can use this service to drive targeted traffic to their websites and product pages. So Advertisers can show exactly what piece of clothing the person in the photo is wearing , where to buy it, and save or like it. 

Visit Stipple now to find out more. 

Welcome to Stipple from stipple on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trello lets you work on group projects with real-time updates and synchronization

Just launched Trello is a simple and easy to use project management tool. What Trello does it allows you to create a group project and get everyone involved with the benefit or real-time updates. Everyone gets to see what is happening and updates as they happen. It is a simple but yet powerful tool for groups of people to work together on projects. So if you have to coordinate a team of people working on multiple projects you would definitely need to keep track of what everyone is up to and what they are working on. With Trello you can see this instantly at a glance. 

How does Trello work

Trello has something called lists and each list has on it multiple cards. With each card being a being a project that you team is working on. The entire list of the team is avialbal eon the right-hand side of the screen. All the people listed there have access to the board that shows you all the projects currently being worked on. Whatever changes you make is instantly synchronized. The entire project happens over a web browser and therefore no special access is needed. Trello also promises solid security.

The best part is that it is totally free and by using it you and your team can keep yourselves up to date on each project as it happens. To know more you cna check out their promotional video below.

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