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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to turn on or enable Facebook Replies to Comments

Facebook have released a new feature for Facebook Pages. The ability to have users reply to comments and thereby creating threaded commenting on Facebook pages. This has long been a requested feature and up until now has not been available. With Facebook replies to comments users can now have conversations and also follow the conversations. All comments on pages used to appear one below the other and was just a comment posted. The idea or sense that a conversation was happening, did not really appear.

Facebook pages with more than 10,000 followers have this feature turned on automatically. If your page has less than 10,000 followers you can now opt-into replies by turning the feature on - on your page. The steps below will detail how to turn on, enable or activate Facebook replies to comments on your Facebook page.

How to turn on or enable replies to comments on your Facebook page.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your page and open it.
3. Click on 'Edit Page' and from the drop-down choose 'Manage Permissions'.
4. Scroll right down to the bottom and you will find 'Allow replies to comments on my Page'.
How to enable Facebook replies to comments5. Check the box beside it and click on 'Save Changes'
6. you're done

Comments are available only on desktop for now, but will be available on all other options soon.

Facebook repliesYou can read the official announcement about Facebook Replies here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to search for a job at Facebook

Facebook has offices all over the world, be it in Dubai, Paris, India, Singapore or Australia to name a few. They are also very with keeping their careers page updated. Old jobs re removed and new ones are added. There is always some hiring happening at Facebook. Visiting their 'Careers at Facebook' page you can browse through all the openings around the globe and apple for one that best suits your skill-sets. So if you want to explore the opportunity at landing a job at Facebook and working in one of their cool offices around the globe this is how to do it.

How to apply for a job at FacebookHow to find a job and apply for a job at Facebook. Facebook careers are great
1. you would first need to go to their Careers Page
2. Beside their job search descriptions box - choose the drop-down beside the globe icon
3. Now choose the location nearest you and click on the 'magnifying glass icon'
4. You should now see all the openings at that particular location or spot.

If a particular jobs suits your job role and experience - give it a shot and see if you do land yourself a job at Facebook.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Facebook Graph Search Waiting List Join Right Now

Facebook Graph Search has been released to a limited audience, and if you want to try it out - you would need to join the waiting list. This is if Facebook Graph Search Has not yet reached your Facebook profile. Graph Search on Facebook is a supercharged way of looking for people, places and things. You can search for just about anything and anybody - although it might be more a Facebook kind of thing. The search has more to do with Facebook and people, unlike Google search where you search the entire web. With Facebook Graph Search you do get queries answered with web results, but these results are powered by Bing.
Join the Facebook Graph Search Waiting ListTo get Facebook Graph Search you would need to join the waiting list as it is still in beta and being slowly rolled out to audiences across the globe. Graph Search itself is very fast and accurate and will definitely allow you to explore more on Facebook. There are parts of Facebook that have been left undiscovered, with Graph Search all this is now available. If you are a regular Facebook user then this is something you must have. Something you cannot do without. So follow the link below and join the waiting list now to be one of the first  to get graph search in your Facebook.

To see Facebook Graph Search in action, please check out the video below.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Singles of Facebook get ready for Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is being rolled out to all users, single men and single women can definitely take advantage of this. There are many uses for Facebook Graph Search and one of them is to find single men and women in your area, current city or hometown. If you're single and ready to mingle here are some things you need to do, in order to show up on searches. With Graph Search Facebook has opened up the possibility of finding and meeting new people close to where you live. You can find people with similar interests, people who share the same interest and passions or simply find a date. If you already have Facebook Graph Search you can search for Facebooky Terms like this - single women who live in New York and are interested in men. You can also search for Single men who live in New York who are interested in women. Before Graph Search this was not possible Facebook with Graph Search have opened up the site to become a place where you can find a date, mate and maybe even a life partner. It's all about connecting people they say and here is a social networking site in all it's glory. Search can tend to become creepy but that does not mean you are going to get any results for the same. So if you're single and you want your profile to show up when people search for singles in your area this is what you need to do.

Find a date using FacebookHow to find a date, mate or life partner on Facebook
1. Login to Facebook.
2. Below your Timeline click on 'About'.
3. Beside 'Basic Info' click on 'edit'.
4. Beside 'Interested in' choose either 'Men' or 'Women'.
5. Click the globe icon and choose Public. This way it is set to public and people can find you on searches.
6. Beside 'relationship Status' choose 'Single' and use the globe icon to set it as public.
7. Click 'Save' and you're done.

if you do not want to be found on Facebook Graph Searches for these terms, follow the same steps but click on the Glob Icon and choose 'friends' or 'Only Me' or Custom and set your basic info and interested in to be only visible to you. Please leave a comment below with what you think about this.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to clear your Facebook Timeline and Profile using Facewash

Facebook Graph Search is now slowly being rolled out to all users across Facebook.  Graph Search is Facebook search on steroids. You can search for just about anything and it doesn't have to be restricted to only what your friends' share. With Graph Search users can search for anything under the sun. If you've been sharing those posts and status updates in a moment or rage or anger. You know, those posts you don't want to be made available publicly. It's now time to clean out your Timeline and your posts -- get rid of all those posts that might show you in way that is really not you. especially posts that contain profanity. If you want to do this physically one-by-one. It could be a tedious task - thankfully there is a Facebook app for that.

Facewash is an app that will scan all your Facebook posts and status updates and remove all those posts that contain profanity and language you should not have used. This is something that is recommended before Facebook Graph Search is out in full swing.


How to clear your Facebook Timeline and PostsFacewash: How does it work
1. You will need to go to the app.
2. Allow it access to your Facebook profile. Also check the box when asked 'Access posts in your news feed.'.
3. Click start to begin the cleansing process
4. It will check your status updates, posts, photos, videos, likes and everything else.
5. You will receive message 'Clean' if all is well under each category.
6. If something is flagged based on keywords like 'butt' etc. It will be flagged and brought to your attention.
7. If the posts is something you do not want on your Timeline you can then delete it.
8. Makes things easier and quicker to find and remove.
9. There is also a search bar to find posts you might be looking for.
Click on Logout when you're done.

Give it a twirl and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Create a customized Facebook Cover for your Timeline

Your Facebook Timeline has space for a cover image and with it comes the ability to upload fun and unique cover images. There are many free web apps that allow you to do this. Facebook Cover Maker is a fun app that helps you create your own unique Facebook cover. It works like this - when you access the app you get to choose your gender. Helps in creating a avatar - once created you can then choose your background. So your animated character can have a nice background or backdrop to stand against. In addition to choose male or female you can also choose Mangaboy and penguin. You can be a cute little penguin in character on your Facebook Timeline.

create an animated Facebook coverYou can then change the image of your character by adding customizations. If you choose female you can then change her hair style, lips and eyes to name a few. If you want to be a penguin you can add customizations to the penguin as well. You can choose what type of eyes it needs to have and other outer body customizations. All in all a fun way to create your own unique Facebook cover. If you do give it a whirl, please leave a comment with what you think. This is a work in progress and there will be a lot more customizations added in the future. Once you create your animated Facebook cover you can add it to your Timeline immediately or download it and save it on your device.

Create your own unique Facebook Cover.

Monday, January 21, 2013

How to find out what's trending on Facebook and Twitter using NewsWhip

There are always stories from news sources that are being shared on Facebook and Twitter. Some of these stories go viral and start trending. Stories that start trending are the ones that receive the most likes and comments. There are those articles that your friends must be aware about and you might not have heard of the same. If you would like to know what articles are trending on Facebook and Twitter - web app NewsWhip seeks to enlighten you.

NewsWhipArticles from the news that gains traction on Facebook and its 1 billion users become very popular, and you end up reading about it in other news outlets. You don't have to be that person who gets left out. Periodically check NewsWhip or better still install their iOS App. This way on your iPhone or iPad you get the latest trending stories from Facebook and Twitter. Stories spread fast on Facebook and Twitter and NewsWhip will help you stay updated, with the latest trending topics and news stories from Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter  Articles that come to the top are the ones with the most likes, comments and retweets. Using these as analytical tools the latest news and current articles are brought to you.

NewsWhip on the web, NewsWhip iOS App.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Facebook Graph Search: How does it work

Facebook have a new feature currently being tested with a select number of users in the US. Facebook Social Graph Search -- the ability to search for stuff from your friends and from people who are not your friends on Facebook. So you can search for people who live near you, have the same interest as you -- Mark Zuckerberg has decided that Facebook is going to find you, your next date. The folks over at Facebook must have decided that everybody has found everybody and it's now time to get strangers introduced to each other and spice things up. Facebook Graph Search could be the answer -- there have been many reports on the web on how Facebook has been loosing so many active users. So here are a few Facts about Facebook Graph Search to help you get started.

1. Will all my Facebook photos, status updates and videos be found by strangers
The answer to this is 'Yes', all your posts, videos, photos and videos that you have made public will be available. If there are posts of videos or interests of yours that you don't want found by strangers. You will need to set you privacy options accordingly.

2. Will my Facebook Timeline be visible to other people who find me using Facebook Graph Search
Yes, you're Timeline is your new profile and when someone lands on your Facebook profile, your Timeline is visible with all your posts that you have made public.

Facebook Graph Search - How it works3. Is this service opt-out or opt-in
None of the above. It will be rolled out to everyone eventually.

4. Can everyone see my current City, State and Country.
Yes - if you have made it public on your 'About' page. To set restrictions please go to your 'About' tab on your Timeline and change your privacy settings.

5. What can my friends' search for about me - can everything be searched.
Yes, again, whatever you have made public.

6. Give me some examples of things I can search for using Facebook Graph Search
Photos of my friends
People who live near me
People who like hiking
Restaurant nearby
Games my friends play
Photos I've liked
Photos my friends like
Places my family have visited

The above are a few examples. You can also use Facebook Graph Search to see all the stuff you have liked on Facebook and research more of your own activities on the site.

7. Fine, how do I get Facebook Graph Search
If you have not been invited to the initial beta launch -- you will need to signup for the waiting list. Please go here and scroll all the way down and click on 'Try Graph Search'. You will get an invite as soon as it is available in your area.

8. Why is it being called Graph Search
All your Facebook connections can be mapped using a graph - colorfully called a social graph. Connections between people can also be mapped on a graph and hence Graph Search.

9. So, is Facebook becoming a dating site?
yes, you can now use Facebook to find a date -- Facebook now seems to be the best choice.

10. How to find a date using Facebook Graph Search
Depends on your interests -- you can use graph search to find people who live in the same area as you and share common interests. If you want someone who does not like the things you like, fine, search for someone with varied interests and totally different from you. This might sound funny but this is where we feel Facebook is heading.

Please leave a comment below with what you think and other ways you think people are going to be using Facebook Graph Search.

Video below of Facebook Graph Search in action.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Facebook Messenger: How to send Voice Messages

Facebook have released a new update to their Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android -- the ability to send voice messages. Sending a voice message is now fairly simple to record and send via Facebook's standalone 'Facebook Messenger" for iOS and Android. These messages can be sent in lieu of text or picture messages. Messages can be recorded for a length or 60 seconds 1 minute only. Once recorded, release the record button to send or slide the button to delete. Bringing with it a walkie-talkie feel. Definitely something to try and have fun with, before the novelty fades off.

Facebook Messenger Voice MessagesHow to send a Voice Message using Facebook Messenger
1. Open the App on your phone or tablet
2. Tap the '+' button beside the text input box.
3. The emoticon and photo attachment menu shows up with a new 'Microphone Icon'.
4. Tap it to start recording
5. A timer appears with the countdown to a minute.
6. Release record button to send or slid off to delete and start again.

Facebook Messenger for iOS | Andriod

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Facebook: How to turn off photo syncing

Facebook released the newest version of their Facebook App for SmartPhones and with it the ability to Photo Sync. Photo Syncing is a opt in service that lets users uploaded upload photos from their iPhones, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, over Wi-Fi or a cell network. There are many users that might have turned this feature on and then see that it might have been a mistake as photos are being uploaded to Facebook Timeline. The reason for this is that once you use this service, your phone photos are synced into a Facebook album called 'Synced from phone' - this does not mean that photos are showing up on your Facebook Timeline or news feed. You still need to use the check-mark beside each photo before it will be posted to your Timeline or News Feed. If however you are not comfortable with the service you can always turn it off or stop it or disable it. Stopping Facebook Syncing is very easy and can be done in just a few simple steps.

How to turn off, stop, disable Facebook Photo Syncing
This works on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet

turn off Facebook photo syncingAndroid
1. Open the app on your phone or tablet and tap on menu -- found on the left hand side
2. Tap on Account > App Settings > Sync Photos
3. Now choose 'Don't sync my photos

iPhone or iPad
1. Open the Facebook App and go to your Timeline
2. Tap on Photos
3. At the bottom tap on synced
4. Next tap on the gear icon and then choose turn off photos sync
5. Now tap don't sync my photos

Read more at the Facebook help center.
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How to setup Facebook photo syncing on your iPhone or iPad
How to setup Facebook photo Syncing on your Android phone or tablet.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Facebook: Drag and Drop Photos

You can now drag and drop photos into the Facebook publisher box, a quick and easy way for uploading photos. Which simplifies everything and makes it easy to upload photos and create new Timeline albums. Once you upload photos this way it will get uploaded into an album called 'Timeline Photos'. All you need to do is to select the photos you want to upload and then drag and drop it into the Facebook publisher box or status update box -- which now ask you to 'Share what's going on?. You can select any number of photos and share them on Facebook. All your holiday celebration photos can now be uploaded by simply dragging and dropping. There is no need to create a new album and then upload all the photos that album. Simply uploaded your photos by dragging and dropping and then find them all in the Album titled 'Timeline Photos'.

Facebook drag and drop video uploaderFacebook - how to drag and drop photos.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Select the photo from the album you want to upload and then drag and drop it into the Facebook publisher box.
3. Choose your privacy settings
4. Click Share
5. You photo or photos are uploaded and stored in the album 'Timeline Photos'.

You can then delete photos from here, move them around and edit this album.
Video below if you're like the visuals.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Facebook Poke App for iOS

Every Facebook user is familiar with the Facebook Poke feature and some loved it and others not so much. If you are one of those people who like to use this fun feature and poke your friends -- things just got a little better for you. You can now download the Facebook Poke stand alone App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. This app works by allowing you to poke your friends either one at a time or multiple friends at once. With the Poke App you can poke, send a message, photo or video in a lightweight way. Once you poke a friend you can set a time for the message, meaning after 1,3,5 or 10 seconds whenever time runs out, the poke disappears completely.

Facebook Poke App for iPhone, iPod and iPadIf a friend pokes you using the Poke App you will need to tap and hold down the message to read it, after which it expires. If there is a message that you might be uncomfortable with you can always report it. So this is something that many people didn't see coming. You though the Facebook Poke has silently disappeared, not so it is risen again and this time with t standalone app, all to itself. Facebook was always a place meant for friendship and keeping it light. Facebook Poke is a prominent expression of that and in celebration you can now download the Facebook Poke App for your SmartPhone or Tablet and let the spirit live on.

Facebook Poke App for iOS - you can also read more at the Facebook news release.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Facebook Lock Icon: Privacy Shortcuts and settings

Logging in to Facebook users have a new icon on their home page -- the Lock Icon. Clicking on the lock icon you will be presented with a drop-down which in turn leads to three quick privacy settings and every Facebook user needs quick access to. 1. Who can see my stuff 2. who can contact me 3. How do I stop someone from bothering me. These three privacy settings is what Facebook have added to the lock icon and clicking on the icon takes you to these shortcuts where you can quickly and easily adjust these settings. The other way around might be a little difficult for some users. Also keep track of all the privacy settings on Facebook can by quite irksome. So click on the Lock icon and see for yourself these quick privacy shortcuts to a better Facebook experience.

Facebook lock Icon - Privacy ShortcutsHow to use the Lock Icon privacy shortcuts.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on the lock icon
3. Click on who can see my stuff
From here you can adjust the following privacy options
Who can see my future posts
Where can i review all my posts and things I'm tagged it - This is something found on your 'Activity Log' on your Timeline
Who can contact me - Basic and Strict filtering. Basic would be friends and people you might know. Strict would be only friends -- This would mean you miss messages coming into your Inbox from people you actually might know.
Who can send me friend requests Everyone or only friends of friends
How do I stop someone from bothering me - use this option to block people

The lock icon will appear only on your profile and not on profiles of your friends when you go to their profile to post on their timeline. The Lock Icon will appear only to me in that sense. These useful quick shortcuts are what many users might find interesting and useful

How to access these settings if there is no Lock Icon on your profile
1. Click on the gear icon on the top of your Facebook Profile
2. From the drop-down choose privacy settings
3. Now choose privacy again

Video below for the visuals

Monday, December 17, 2012

How to view your Facebook 2012 Year In Review

Facebook has a new tool out and it is being called '2012 year in review. These happen to be the 20 most important moments of your year. Could range from all the Birthday messages you received to that amazing cover photo you added. People wishing you on the addition of a new born or congratulations on getting married. It is personalized to you and with it you can relive some of these moments. Facebook is about sharing with friends and somehow this tool bring to light all those personal moments of yours on Facebook

Facebook 2012 year in reviewFacebook might want all its members to walk down memory lane as this year ends and maybe bring about a little nostalgia. Since many of its members share constantly events and happenings from their daily lives. it might be a fitting tribute to the end of 2012. A year that brings with it a lot of good and bad on the global scale. For now though have a look at your own 2012 with Facebook's help and glen your own leanings.

How to view your 2012 year in review on Facebook
If you are already signed in to Facebook, go to your Timeline and it should be available there.
You can also click here -
How to view your friend's 2012 year in review
Use this friend's user name here

So go ahead and have fun with this new tool and it sure gets interesting when you check your friends

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to disable all Facebook Apps

The problem with Apps is that they are able to gather data and store data if you use them. These Apps might be available on or off Facebook. No matter where you find them they are able to store your FB information. If you on the other hand do not like this and would like to permanently get rid of Apps that can track you online. Facebook have provided that option to turn off all platform apps. You would also need to remember that once this is turned-off -- you will no longer be able to login to sites that have a Facebook login or add comments on blogs and sites that use the FB commenting system. You will also no longer be able to use third-party apps likes games that you might have used with your pals. So if you do decide you want to stop, disable, turn off all Apps, plugins and websites that are third-party Facebook Apps. This is what you need to do.

How to stop, disable or turn off all Apps on and off Facebook
How to turn off all Facebook Apps1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the down arrow beside home and choose privacy settings
3. Beside Ads, Apps and Websites click on Privacy settings
4. below apps you use click on Turn Off.
5. This is the screen presented to youTurn off all Facebook Apps
6. Click on 'Turn Off Platform' hit save and you're done.

How to change Facebook profile picture

If you have searched for this post you must be new to Facebook. Profile picture are always public and when you change your profile pic on your Facebook Timeline. It goes to your Profile Pictures album which is public. If you want to change the options as to who can view your profile pictures. You must go to this album and set the permissions from there. To do that go to that particular photo, click on it, once in expanded mode, click on edit to set viewing permissions.

How to change your Facebook profile pictureHow to change my profile picture on Facebook.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name to go to Timeline
3. Mouse over or just hover over your profile picture
4. 'Edit Profile Picture' icon pops up - pencil icon
5. Click on it and you can now either 'Take a Photo' using your cam or upload your photo or use a photo already uploaded to Facebook. You can also edit your current thumbnail image.
6. Once you either upload or take a photo, set the frame to a clear vision of your face
7. Click Save and you're done.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Google+ Communities: How it works

Google+ have launched Communities and it is bieng compared to Facebook groups. Google+ communities are like Facebook groups in that sense and other types of groups that users might be familiar with. Google+ communities however offer the large Google+ community as potential users who can join a community. You can create a community and make it either public or private. Once you create a community you can wither invite people to join or let people who like the topic find you and join your community. A great place to share ideas and just about anything. Anybody with a Google+ account can create a community and you can choose just about any topic from under the sun.

There are already a large number of communities set up on Google+, they also have a large number of members who are contributing together. Also good if you want to learn new subjects like 'Photography'. Google+ communities are a good place to create your own community or join someone else's community and contribute. Before creating a community you would need to know that creating and maintaining a community is a lot of hard-work, especially if it grows and becomes big. So if you are dedicated enough -- go for it. Also before creating a community make sure there are no communities that exist with the same name already. Be creative and come up with something original, this is turn will ensure a lot more people join and share in your community.

Google+ CommunitiesHow to create a Google+ Community
1. Login to Google+
2. On the left-hand side menu click on 'Communities Logo'.
3. Click on 'Create Community' choose either private or public.
4. Chose if anyone can join or do they need permission to join.
5. Click on create community and you're done

Once your community is setup you can add videos, links, events, photos and status updates.

How to edit my Google+ Community
1. Go to your community page and under community page photo click on 'edit'. From here you can share, edit or invite people. Under actions click on edit community to add a category and other benefits to your community. Under the same actions you will also be able to delete our community.

So go ahead and create your own or join someone else's Google+ community. Google+ has a vibrant user base and it is sure going to prove to be a lot of fun to create and maintain a Google+ community.

Visuals below in the video

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Facebook App for Windows 8 - Facebook Touch

Facebook does not have a native Facebook app for Windows 8. In fact even if they do build one, it's going to take some time. Facebook and Microsoft have a comfortable relationship and it therefore is comes as a complete surprise that Facebook are not going to building a native app for Windows 8, this according to VentureBeat. So there's no telling how this is going to turn-out. Maybe Facebook is secretly building a Facebook App and if that is not the case maybe Microsoft will build one. Whatever maybe the outcome if you want the FB experience on Windows 8 -- Facebook Touch might be the App to go with. With Facebook Touch you get the whole Windows 8 and Windows RT experience. Facebook Touch can be downloaded onto your PC, Tablet or other device and brings the Facebook experience to Windows 8 devices.

Facebook App for Windows 8The app comfortable brings the touch experience to Windows 8 devices and also brings all Facebook features that users are familiar with. You have Chat, Timeline, Notifications and all other features found on the web version of Facebook. The app is free to download and use and is pretty good on Windows 8 tablets and other devices. So if you need a Facebook App or your Windows 8 phone or tablet give Facebook Touch a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Download Facebook Touch app for Windows 8 here. Image via Addictive Tips

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Facebook: How to stop your name appearing in photo tag suggestions

So let's say one of your friends have uploaded photos to Facebook. Your face is in some of the photos - Facebook has the ability to suggest your name to tag in those photos. it works like this - you upload photos to Facebook, Facebook recognizes some of the people in the photos. Facebook then starts suggesting names of people to add as tags. Once a tag is added the photo will be shared among all the people who appear in it. Now supposing you want to turn this feature off - you don't want your name to popup when photos you're in are uploaded to Facebook there is ab easy way to turn this feature on or off. You can stop it, disable or enable it at any time. Follow the simply steps below to removed your name from auto-tag-suggestions on Facebook.

How to remove your name from tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded.
how to stop Facebook photo tag suggestions1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the down arrow next to home and then choose privacy settings
3. Beside 'Timeline and tagging' click on edit settings
4. Beside 'Who see tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded' click on the arrow next to friends.
5. From the dropdown click on 'No One'
6. Click on 'Okay' and you're done.

This way once your name will not pop up when friends upload photos and start tagging.
Video below if you want the visuals

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Facebook Photo Sync iPhone and iPad [iOS 6]

You can now sync photos automatically from your iPhone or iPad to Facebook, you will need to be using iOS 6. Since the feature is available on iOS 6 -- if you have the Faecbook app installed on your iPhone or iPad then you should be ready to go and start right away. With this new feature you can sync you photos to Facebook and then choose to share them on your Timeline or send them privately. All photos get uploaded to a private album on Facebook, visible only to you. From here you can decide which ones to share and which ones to delete -- Facebook Photo Sync form iOS 6 is available now and comes with 2GB of free storage.

Facebook Photo Sync iPhone and iPad

How to setup Facebook photo sync on an iPhone or iPad
1. On you phone or tablet launch Facebook and then tap on photos. Scrool down and if all is setup for you, you should see the new 'Sync photos' tab available.
2. Tap on it and you're ready to get started.
3. Your photos will begin to upload to Facebook into a new private album
4. On the website you can choose which photos to share by click the checkmark and then sharing on your Timeline.

How to change photo sync setting son the iPhone or iPad.
1. Open Facebook on your device tap on photos and then tap on Sync Photos and then on the gear icon to bring up the settings.

How to share synced photos on the web
1. Open Facebook
2. Click on Photos
3. Click on Synced from phone
4. Browse through your phones -- checkmark to share or drag to share a group of photos or send privately. Delete to get rid of photos.

Image courtesy of DigitialTrends