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Monday, June 10, 2013

How to get the New Gmail Version with Tabs

Gmail has a new look and feel, your inbox has been completely changed and everything looks new. With the new Gmail tabbed inbox you get all your mail organized according to category and tabbed under the same. When you first setup the new look you can choose from five options categories - Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Once you choose which tabs you'd like, emails are categorized under these tabs or categories. So if you want Social - all your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc, notifications and mails are stored under this category. So clicking on the social tab will take you to all your social mails under one category. This is fantastic and makes your inbox that much more organized.

There are five tabs for you to choose. You can decide to use all of them or even none. Customization is totally up to you. If you find that an email is showing up on the wrong category. right-click on that email and move it to a different tab, simply drag-and-drop. Works on web and mobile. The new tabbed inbox is available both on web and mobile.

How to set up the new Gmail Tabbed Version.
This will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. For some it is already here.

New Gmail Inbox inbox with tabs1. Login to gmail
2. Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
3. Click on 'Configure Inbox' - is this option has not yet appeared in your settings. You need to check back later as it might take some time
4. Now select the tabs you want to see and that's it.

You have the brand new version of Gmail and the new tabbed inbox is fun and exciting to work with. In the Android and iPhone and iPad apps, you will see the primary tabs first and you can navigate from there.

Check the video below for more.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LinkedIn Two-Step Verification - How to enable

LinkedIn has followed close on the heels of Twitter and have released two-step verification. Adding a two-step verification system - this allows you to better protect your LinkedIn account. So in-case someone tries to hack your account or gain unlawful access, they will not be able to do so easily. There are many reasons why you might want to protect your LinkedIn account. If someone breaks into your account, there are chances that slanderous mails will be sent to your contacts. You need to protect your reputation and all the hard-work you've put into building your account. two-step verification also adds for better maintenance.

This is how two-step verification works on LinkedIn. You need to add a mobile phone number to your account. Once added a code will be sent to your phone. This code needs to be entered before you are able to log-in again. So the next time you login to your LinkedIn account - another security code will be sent to your phone. Only after entering this code will you gain access to your account. So if anyone else tries to access your account they will not be able to do so - as they don't have the code. This is definitely an added layer of security and if you feel this is needed for your account. Here is how to set it up.

LinkedIn Two-step verificationHow to setup, turn-on, enable two-step verification on LinkedIn
1. Login to LinkedIn.
2. Go to your settings page.
3. Now click on account
4. Click on manage security settings
5. Click on Turn-on
6. Add a phone number
7. Save and you're done. You will be logged off and need to login with the security code.

Every-time you try to sign-in you would need to enter the security code sent to your phone number.

Video below if you'd like the visuals

How to search for your own pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has a lot of interesting features - with one lacking. The ability to search for your own Pins directly from the search bar. Previously you would need to search for a pin and then filter through all the results to find your own Pin. Now thing are much more simpler - type your search query in the top search bar and then from the filter provided below. Choose ' Just my pins', and all your pins matching your keywords or keywords will be displayed. If you don't find the pin your searched for - try adding a few more keywords and make your query more descriptive. This feature is currently available on Web and will be available on mobile soon.

How to search for your own pinterst pinsHow to search Pinterest for your own pins
1. Login to Pinterest
2. Type your query in the search bar
3. Below which you have the option to choose 'Only Your Pins'
4. Tick that and only your pins matching your search query will be show.

Pretty neat feature from Pinterest - please leave a comment below with what you think about this new feature.

Source: Pinterest Blog

Video Below of you want the Visuals

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to setup Twitter 2-Step Verification

Twitter like many other services now has a two-step verification or two-step authentication that you can use. Once you set this up, the next time you want to login to Twitter. In addition to providing your password - a security code will also be sent to your phone. This code will need to be entered before you're granted full access to your account. This is good news because of the numerous accounts on Twitter that have been hacked. Out own Twitter has also been broken into during the last phishing attack on Twitter. With 2-step verification; Twitter seeks to add more security.

Twitter Login VerificationsHow to turn on, enable, or setup Twitter 2-Step Verification
1. Login to Twitter
2. Click on the Gear icon and choose settings
3. Scroll all the way down and tick the box before 'Require a verification code before I sign-in
4. You will be sent a message on your phone.
5. If received click 'Yes'
6. Save Changes.

Your login verification on Twitter is setup. Next time you want to login a verification code will be sent to your phone. Only after entering this code will you be granted access to Twitter.

To disable login verification on Twitter follow the above steps and simply uncheck the verification box.

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Please check video below for visuals.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

FormulaSheet lets you store all your formulas in one place

If you are a scientist, student, business owner, or someone who needs access to mathematical formulas. This is a webapp you will find most useful. FormulaSheet lets you create and store all your math formula in one place. Once your formulae are stored, they will be available to you anytime you want from anywhere. No need to go looking through sheets of paper you might have used or files stored somewhere on a computer.

Save Formulas OnlineFormulaSheet users a LaTeX interface for storing and using formulae. You can also browse through Wikipedia for formulae and use and store the same. The LaTeX interface gives you access to a large number of characters and symbols which are not often used. You can also use the calculator to solve for a variable you don't know. The LaTex is a powerful tool for both beginners and veterans. Once you got your formulas ready they can be seamlessly integrated into your posters or presentations.
Old LaTeX files can also be uploaded, which will be scanned for formulas. which can then be stored online and later used. Formulas can be organized into lists, which act like folders.  There are also sheets which allow you to combine formulas, diagrams and texts to create a master-sheet. All your work can also be shared with classmates and colleagues  So give it a while and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 using Palm Motion

The new SmartPhone from Samsung the SGS4 is out and comes with some amazing features. The ability to tkae a screenshot or screen capture just got a whole lot easier with the S4. With a simple swip of your pal over the screen will take a screenshot of your home-screen and save it in the clipboard. To find all your screen-grabs, screen captures or screenshot all of which get saved to your clipbaord and can be accessed through the notifications bar. All of this available with just a motion of your palm.

Samsung Galaxy S4 how to take a screenshotHow to take a Screenshot or screen capture on the SamSung Galaxy S4.
1. You need to setup, turn on or enable Palm Motion
2. Go to settings
3. Motions and Gestures
4. activate Palm Motion
5. Now activate screen capture

Now all you need to do is with your palm fully open, swipe over the screen of your phone. And a screenshot is recorded. You can access all these screenshot through the clipboard.

Please check the video below if you want the visuals.

Convert PDF Docs on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone using Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract is a free mobile convert that lets you open any PDF Doc on your SmartPhone or Tablet device. Once your convert the document, it can be stored in any Microsoft Office Document of your choise. so you can open a PDF Document and then store in the word, excel, PowerPoint and more. The App is free to download and use on your iOS Phone or Andriod phone, it's a mobile app and can also be used on your Tablet device. So good to go on your iPad, Android based Tablets like the Kindle etc. Once you open the file it is stored on your device and does not really take up much space. The makers of the app also say that no file is stored on their own servers for more than 24 hours. All files are stored locally on your device. Using Able2Extract PDF Converter you can view any PDF on your Android, iPhone or any other SmartPhone and convert it to any MS Office Format. Should also work very well with eBooks.

Able2Extract PDF ConverterAble2Extract - How does it work
Once you download the app - you can open any PDF document by opening it with Able2Extract PDF Converter. Now simply tap on the document and choose your conversion output. Like word, excel or PowerPoint. You doc now opens in the required format and you can then edit the same. The whole process does not put too mush stress on your processor or your ram. So the document is converted and delivered to your phone and stored right on your device. The whole process is very simple and very fast. The app is free to use and should really help in converting PDF docs on your mobile device.

Able2Extract PDF Converter on Google Play
Able2Extract PDF Converter on iTunes
Able2Extract PDF Converter on the web

Google Chat comes to Outlook and SkyDrive

Well, this is not something the internet thought they'd hear. Microsoft integrates a Google service right within their email service, and also on their Cloud based storage service - SkyDrive. In this surprise move, Microsoft says that this has been a popular requested feature from its users. You might remember that a while back Microsoft converted all Hotmail accounts into Outlook and all email is now handled only on Outlook. Outlook is quite amazing with a whole new interface and all. With the addition of Google Talk Microsoft seems to e opening up to their users needs, and also accepting that other services have indeed become useful and some users' can't live without.

Chat with your Google pals in Outlook.comHow to chat with Google Contacts in Outlook
It should be available this week - this is how it'll work. You open your Messaging Pane in Outlook. Found on the top-right-hand corner and you should see a message asking if you'd like to connect your Google account. Choose to do so and it should happen seamlessly. Allow Microsoft to access your Google account and all your contacts are added. You can then use or SkyDrive and continue chatting with all your Google Pals. Clicking on a friends pic will bring up the chat box. This whole roll-out, should be completed this week and Outlook users' can use Google Talk from within their email.

The whole effort is being made to encourage people to come to and try it out. Microsoft seems to be stopping at nothing to attract more uses to Outlook. The service is actually quite good, but whether users will migrate to it en-mass is left to be seem. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Microsoft Blog

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to delete Tags on Instagram photos

With the ability to add tags to photos on Instagram, comes a new problem and privacy issue. People might tag you in embarrassing photos. Ones that you choose to be in - maybe a night out at town and there you are all over the place until you drop. All your dear pals gets their SmartPhones out and upload those beautiful photos of you. You wake up the next morning and find your photo all over Instagram. There is no need to panic with a few simple steps you can gets your photo untagged and hide it from your Instagram profile page. This is a simple guide to help you untag, remove or hide those photos you've been tagged in on Instagram.

How to remove tags on InstagramHow to untag or delete photos you've been tagged in on Instagram
1. You always receive a notifications when someone tags you in an Instagram photo
2. These images are found in the 'Photos of You' tab on your profile page
3. Tap on tag in the photo to get a pop-up with various options.
4. You can now hide the photo from your profile, remove the tag or just report the photo

if you would like to not be tagged at all on Instagram. You could go to the 'Photos of you' section - tap on settings and change from Automatically to Manually. This way any photo that you're tagged in needs your approval before it gets added to your profile page.

Friday, May 3, 2013

How to find the complete list of Advice Animals Templates

So you're on Reddit and you like to hang out at r/advicenaimals - maybe you've been watching for sometime and have now decided to jump on this bandwagon and start adding your own memes. Not in the sense that everyone can create their own meme but use existing memes to get your point across. Advice Animals on Reddit has about 2.5 million readers and is one of the most popular of Reddit's subreddits. The owners of this subreddit have done everyone a huge favor and created a page that has all the available meme templates for you to use.

Paranoid Parrot Meme Template

Above: Paranoid Parrot Raw Template.

From 'Tech impaired duck' to 'paranoid parrot' to 'hipster kitty'. All raw templates are available for use. The page also has other users adding their own templates. So if you're looking for you own raw template - please follow the link at the bottom of this post. Advice Animals on Reddit can be quite addicting so make sure you have the time to spare before making that a kind of internet home.

Check out complete list of Advice Animals templates here. You might also like - List of best sites to make a meme.

How to recover your Facebook Password using Trusted Contacts

Now here's something useful for people who might forget their Facebook password and in addition lose access to their email. You might read the first sentence with a smirk on your face. However there are many people who lose access to their email accounts. You might think it's not possible - but it is. There might be many times when a user might forget their Facebook password and cannot open the recovery email sent to their email accounts. Facebook wants to make sure you can always gain access to Facebook no matter what happens. And to facilitate this Facebook has introduced something called Trusted contacts.

What is Facebook trusted contacts and how does it work
Recovery Facebook access with trusted contactsWith Trusted contacts you can add 3 - 5 people who you think you trust the most. These friends need to be on Facebook and once you add them as trusted contacts. They will be notified and can help you if you ever lose access to your Facebook. Make sure you can contact these people offline - phone or someone you can visit physically. It's like giving your house key to a trusted friend. So once you lose access to your account call them up and let them know you want to recover your account. They can then help you out with a security code. Once you get your security code from at least 3 of them. You can enter then codes and gain back access to your account. There will be no need to add a security question and all of them. The codes are enough. Also good if your account gets hacked.

How to setup, enable turn on Trusted Contacts on Facebook.
You can click here to go to your security settings and enable Trusted Contacts or follow the steps below.
Facebook trusted contacts1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the cog icon and then choose account settings
3. On the left click on Security
4. Now click on trusted contacts
5. Choose trusted contacts
Save and you're done. The process has now started.

Source: Facebook Notes.

Please see video below if you need the visuals.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to shoot a Vine video with the front-facing camera

Right, the time has finally arrived. You can now shoot a Vine video with your front-facing camera - you know what that means  A lot of Vine videos out there are going to be embarrassing, because people will shoot self videos and you know what happens after that. There is also another improvement to Vine - you can now use @mentions in your posts. If you still haven't head about Vine the micro-video app form Twitter - you can check out our other posts about it here. Vine let's you shoot a looped video that looks like a GIF on steroids and these can be shared with your friends. Vine has become very popular and for good reason. With the new feature - the ability to shoot self-videos using the front facing camera - expect a lot of fun videos to start appearing on Twitter.

shoot vine videos with front-facing cameraHow to turn on, enable the front-facing camera in Vine
1. When creating a post
2. tap the button at the bottom left-hand corner to try the front-facing camera
3. use the same button to switch between your front-facing camera and regular camera as many times as you want.

How to use @ mentions using Vine
@ mentions will help you tag people and friends in your Vine posts. To get started with @mentions and add people to your posts you would need to type @username. As you do this, their usernames will start appearing - click on the username you want and they get tagged and added to your posts. They will also receive a notifications mentioning that you have added them to your Vine post.

Read more at the Vine blog.

How to enable Google+ comments on your Blogger Blog

Google have announced that Google+ comments are now available to use on all blogger blogs. What this means is that is you have a blog and you use Blogger - you can bring all your Google+ comments to your blog. This will not only add the power of Google+ to your blog in addition to this, all discussions on Google + that are happening around you blog will also appear. So all public discussions on your Blog and on Google+ will be available for visitors to your site to view. These comments can also be threaded just like all other commenting systems. Facebook comments have been popular on various websites and blogs till now. This has been very popular among many website and blog owners, as it adds the power of Facebook to you blog.

Add Google+ comments to your blogger blogWith Google+ comments you can now bring the entire power of Google+ to your blog. IN addition to your comments and threads, discussions about your blog happening on Google+ will also be available. This is if it is public - all privacy rights are observed. Google+ is fast becoming very popular among bloggers as it has the power to drive a lot of traffic. So if you want the power of Google+ to work for you. You can now enable Google+ comments on your blogger blog in just a few easy steps. The choice is totally up to you.

How to enable Google+ comments on your Blogger blog.
1. Log in to Blogger.
2. Click on Google+ on your dashboard
3. Now select use Google+ comments
4. You're done

Visitors can also choose to comment publicly or comment privately with their circles. Let us know what you think about this new addition in the comments section below.

Source: Google blog official. Read more of our Blogging tips here.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gmail Blue - The Blue Inbox for you

Gmail Blue might have been a joke but its's now a reality. If you want to stay closer to nature while working on Gmail and your Inbox - maybe reflect on the ocean, mountains or the moon, while you work. You should try Gmail Blue. Gmail Blue is a Chrome Extension that once installed turns your entire Gmail experience blue. It's still the same old mail but everything turned blue. you click on compose and it's blue, you type and it's blue again. Nothing changes just the colors - it might not be for everyone, but if this is something you fancy and you would like to have a blue inbox, this is extension is worth trying out.

Gmail Blue get a blue inboxIn Fact, the folks over at Google say that it was one of the original concepts. many other colors were tried like orange and brown. Brown was a disaster but blue survived. Gmail just celebrated its 9th birthday and with it comes the release of blue. Click the link below to add the extension to chrome and have fun in blue. Moon-child that you are.

Get the Google Blue Chrome Extension here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Watermark your images online

Sometimes when you want to share an image online you would like to add a watermark. Adding a watermark is a quick and easy way to add a word or few words to your images. The greatest benefit by doing this is that it prevents other people from stealing your images and using it as their own - prevents plagiarism. This is a constant threat to online images - sometimes people don't know how to do this the quick and easy way - enter uMarkOnline.

watermark images onlineuMarkOnline - how does it work
uMarkOnline is a very simple and easy to use webapp. It is Windows based and all you need to do is to simply upload your image or images and type the word or words you want to watermark. Once you enter your text you then have a few more options like bold, text size and italics. Once that is done it comes down to choosing a color for your text - use the color picker and location for your watermark. The image will update in real-time with your changes. once your done use right-click to download your image and it's now ready for use.

Try UMarkOnline now for free.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is the Subreddit to help you get out of bed in the mornings

Reddit has all kinds of Subreddits from the crazy to the insane to the very useful. Here is one fun Subreddit for all of you who just can't wake up in the morning. Some of us are owls and some are fowls - the fowls have no problem getting up in the morning. The owls however can't seem to get it together. Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed can be quite a pain for many people. If you need help there is a Subreddit for you to get the job done easier and help you wake up early.

How to get out of bed in a good moodThe idea for this post came from an interesting topic started by Reddit user Upat5. The title of his post over at LPT was How to make your morning "wake up" easier. he says one of the best solutions that's worked for him is this. Get out of bed for you and not your job 'In short, wake up for you, not your job...'. Which does make a lot of sense if you look at it that way. So if you need help and would like to speak with fellow people, facing the same uphill climb as you. You can try the Subreddit know as GetOutOfBed, to help you become an early riser.

Check out to help you get out of bed and wake up early. Read more Life tips here.

SoundGator offers free sound effects downloads

Now this is something that is badly needed by you if you have started on your own creative project. Everyone knows that movies are built on sound effects. It brings to the visual the effects to make it seem real. There are a lot of sites out there that might offer sound effects for free and one of the best is SoundGator. On this webapp you can choose from 1000s of sound effects and all of them can be downloaded for free to be used in your media project.

Free Sound Effects DownloadSoundGator how it works and how to use.
Once you visit SoundGator your journey has begun. All the sounds have been divided into various categories and all kinds of them are available. There are fire sound effects and vehicle sound effects just to name a few. Clicking on any category will open up the sounds in the class. You can preview the sound online but would need to create a free account to download the sound to your PC or Mobiel Device. All sounds are free and some can be very apt for your pet project. So give the site a whirl and let us know you think in the comments section below.

Try SoundGator now.

How to create a YouTube Video Mashup

Putting two videos beside each other and mashing them together can be loads of fun. One of the latest sensations to hit the InterWebs is video mashups. Creating a YouTube Video Mashup can be interesting and a whole lot of fun. There is also a Subreddit dedicated to YouTube video mashups called youtubedoubler. Where users can share the videos they put beside each other and the joy or pain they created.

How to create a YouTube Video mashupWhen creating and mixing two videos together you can get your creativity on and produce something that people love. YouTubeDoubler is the webapp made just for this purpose. With YouTubeDoubler - you can pair two videos beside each other and let them play. You can then give yourself a VJ name and let the crowds view your creations. Once your create your double video you can then sahre it on Reddit, Facebook Twitter or simply mail it out to your friends. Whatever be your interest this site is sure to be a lot of fun. Please let us know in the comments section below if you create a video mashup

Try YouTubeVideo Doubler now

Check the video below and mute the one on the left - Airplane Dancing


YouTube Doubler

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to track the progress of flights in a particular area

This is simply fascinating to watch. With you can check out the progress of flight anywhere in the world. You can also select your own area where you live or an airport near your home. With this you can then track the progress of flights - especially if this is something you really like.

Tracking flight on radarmany of us have spent countless hours plane-spotting and marveling at all the different birds up there in the sky. FlightRadar24 gives you an opportunity like none-other. You can choose to see and follow the paths of flight anywhere in the world. Especially rewarding is to track the progress of flight near you. Gives you the feeling of being able to track flights just the way the guys do, who are tracking it on radar at airports.

The wonder of flight never seizes to amaze people and if you are one of them who belong to this category, then this will be something fun to do. Especially during that part of the day, that can become quite boring.

Check out now and be amazed.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Productivity Owl helps you stop wasting time on the internet

Productivity Owl is here to make sure you stop wasting your precious work time on sites not helping you. With Productivity Owl you get an animated character that gets angry when you go to time wasting websites, and stop concentrating on your work. The is a Chrome Extension that when installed will help you out with your work day, or your study day. When setting up the extension you would need to enter a list of allowed websites, and a list of blocked websites. When browsing you have only 30 seconds to get what you want and get out. Failure to do so will annoy the owl, and it will swoop down and close the webpage you're currently wasting your time on.

Helps you stop wasting time on the internet.Productivity Owl - How does it work.
Once you add the extension to Chrome you would need to set 'Allowed Sites' and 'Blocked Sites'.
Blocked sites can be accessed only during times you've setup.
Work related sites can be visited whenever you want.
Visit a site that is not on your lists and by default you have 30 seconds to get what you want and leave. You can set your own time here.
When visiting a non-work-related site the angry owl will show-up
Do this enough number of times and the owl starts loosing respect for you.

Get Productivity Owl for Chrome now.